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A Comprehensive Handbook to Successful Event Management


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This book covers all aspects of Event Management in detail including the different types of events ranging from entertainment to sports and corporate to personal. It also covers everything that is involved in successful completion of an event – event planning, sponsorships, event marketing, logistics, event security and all the concepts involved in staging an event. It clearly defines all the skills a student will need to become a successful Event Manager. Students will also learn how to manage staff and the conflicts that arise in a team and how to ensure the safety of everyone involved while planning and executing an event. It also gives important information about legal compliance, risk management, financial control, and also focuses on how to evaluate the success of an event.

This book is an ideal end-to-end resource for all undergraduate and post-graduate professional courses dealing in Event Management, Hospitality, Business Administration, Facility Management or Travel and Tourism. The book expands further on managing the different types of events with real-world examples across industries. A wide range of informative case studies are included to cover the different categories and facets of events.

With the vital balance of professional experience behind them, the authors combination of industry experience, expertise and a lively approach makes this a suitable and ideal textbook for undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as for those who are new to organizing events. This book delivers practical understanding of the theory and practice needed to activate each stage of planning, from initial Venue Selection, Budgeting and Theme, to Managing Sponsors, Promotions, Hospitality, Risk Assessment, Safety and Post-event Evaluation.


Contents –

1. Introduction and Theory of Event Management
2. Event Leadership and Team Management
3. Event Planning and Event Administration
4. Event Sponsorship
5. Event Budgeting and Financial Administration
6. Planning Venues and Onsite Management
7. Legal Compliance and Formalities
8. Vendor and Supplier Management
9. Event Marketing
10. Event Hospitality
11. Event Evaluation


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Dr. Arati Prabhu,

Neha Saxena


Himalaya pub