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A Practical Approach to Airport Management


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This book is an introductory text for faculty and students who are beginning their learning in Airport Management. It is abroad overview of the information and practices exercised in Airport Management. It covers all major areas of Airport Management. This book makes deep-rooted efforts with tailored made chapters in airport panning and management. It gives aviation students and professionals comprehensive, timely, and authoritative coverage of all necessary inputs required for their knowledge enrichment in aviation and airport. It covers airport site selection, design, access, financing, law and regulation, security, capacity, and technological advances. This book has a specialty with strategic and commercial perspective rather than from an operational and technical angle, and adds an innovative insight into the processes behind running a successful airport.

In nutshell, it is a wonderful resource for understanding fundamentals of Airport Management, as well as current developments, covering planning and managing techniques, new technologies, current statistics, trends, and regulatory/policy issues. This book is a complete and comprehensive facilitator for academicians, students, airport officials, airport employees and professionals in airport.


Contents –

1. Airport Operations

2. Airport Policies in India

3. Airport Security

4. Indian Airports

5. Role of Government in Developing and Maintaining Civil Aviation Industry

6. Air Traffic Control

7. Aircraft Identification & Lighting

8. Aircraft Maintenance

9. Aircraft Ground Handling

10. Aircrew Members

11. Airspace Management

12. Flight Operations

13. Air Ticketing

14. Luggages Management

15. Air Cargo


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Dr. R. Saravanan,

R. Karuppasamy


Himalaya pub