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A Text Book of +2 Chemistry – XI (Odisha)


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The present book “A Text Book of +2 Chemistry –XI” is written as per the latest syllabus of Chemistry to cater the needs of the students of Standard –XI of CHSE, Odisha and All India Curriculum.

Subject natter in this book have been arranged systematically into 28 Chapters and written in simple language for batter understanding. Each chapter begins with learning Objectives and ends with Summary. All efforts have been made to make the students develop confidence in solving the problems on their own and achieve excellence in their final examination.

A good number of solved examples of various categories have been incorporated in each chapter of this book in order to help the students learn the concept practically. At the end of all chapter, “Follow-upFundamentals Questions” with answers are given as an exercise for the students for practice. Questions of different categories, such as Short Answer type, Long Answer type and Objective Type (Multiple Choice questions) are given at the end of each chapter for the benefit of the students. In the “Entrance Examination Corner”, students shall find previous year important questions sought in different entrance examinations.



1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2. Symbol, Valency and Formula
3. Chemical Equations
4. Atomic Theory and Laws of chemical Combination
5. Avogadro’s Law and Its Applications
6. Mole Concept and Its Application
7. Molecular Mass and Its Determination
8. Equivalent Mass and Its Determination
9. Atomic Mass and Its Determination
10. Stoichiometric Calculations
11. Structure of Atom
12. Ckassufucatuib if elements and Periodicity in Properties
13. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
14. States of Matter : Gases and Liquieds
15. Chemical Thermodynamics
16. Equilibrium
17. Ionic Equilibrium
18. Redox Reactions
19. Hydrogen
20. s-block Elements : Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
21. p-Block elements (Group 13 Elements – Boron Family)
22. Group 14 Elements : Carbon Family
23. Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles and Techniques
24. Electron Displacement and Fundamental Concepts in Organic Chemistry
25. Isomerism in Organic Compounds
26. Hydrocarbons
27. Aromatic Hydrocarbons<br /


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