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A Text Book of Mathematics – XII [Vol – II]


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The present book, is the Volume − II of the Text Book of Mathematics, written in accordance with the latest syllabus of Mathematics to cater the needs of the teachers and the students of XII standard class of CBSE pattern (Common Core).

Text Book of Mathematics (Volume − I) contains Part I − Algebra and Part II − Differential Calculus. The present book has three parts. Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Part III deals with Integral Calculus and Differential Equations, Part IV deals with Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry and Part V deals with Linear Programming and Probability.

In penning this text book, an effort has been made to make the readers to feel that learning Mathematics is enjoyable experience, which enable them to develop confidence in solving the problems on their own to achieve excellence in their final examination and in the entrance examination that they wish to take.

The best and the simplest way of acquiring the knowledge of the application of mathematical techniques, is by applying the theory studied to the problems. Therefore throughout the text book, numerous worked examples, in each chapter, of various nature have incorporated, in order to help the students to understand concept practically. At the end of each section problems are given as an exercise for the students to practice. The problems have been carefully selected and properly graded. The answers have been provided at the end of each excise.

Results which are appropriately called “Time Saving Results” (TSR) are incorporated at the end of the chapters. These results are useful in answering the objective type questions in short time. Further the results can also be used as a supplement to reinforce and strengthen the theory and problems that the students study with actual text material.

Summary of each chapter is given at the end of the Chapter.

Few objective type questions (MCQ`s) are given at the end of each chapter for the benefit of the students.

Contents :

Part – III : Integral Calculus
Chapter 1 – Indefinite Integral
Chapter 2 – Definite Integral
Chapter 3 – Application of Definite Integral (Area under Simple Curves)
Chapter 4 – Differential Equations

Part – IV : Vectors
Chapter 1 – Vector Algebra
Chapter 2 – Three Dimensional Geometry

Part – V : Linear Programming and Probability
Chapter 1 – Linear Programming
Chapter 2 – Probability


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