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Accountancy – I (Gujrat Univ)


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It is a matter of great pleasure to place before the students a book on Accountancy − I for Semester − I of First Year B.Com. students of Gujrat University. From the Academic Year in line with the UGC guidelines and trend in the country.

This book of Accountancy − I for Semester − I includes four chapters according to the syllabi of Gujrat University. We have attempted to prepare students for professional courses by including in this book different viewpoints on some arguable issues. As teachers of Accountancy for about 25 years, we have experienced that the students face difficulty in examination due to lack of lucidity in language, clarity of the subject matter and inadequate practice of solving the problems. The present book provides a comprehensive structures which includes simple language for theoretical discussion, point-wise explanation for practical problems and important points at the end of the chapter to give bird`s eye view on subject at the time of examination. The aim of the authors is to prepare the students for theoretical as well as practical problems with objective questions and MCQs. Large numbers of practical problems, and objective questions are included for practice purpose. The problems are logically graded and wherever needed alternative solutions are given. Important issues are explained elaborately giving detailed working notes.


Contents :

1. Consignment Accounts
2. Branch Accounts (Excluding Foreign Branch)
3. Insurance Claims: Claims for Loss of Stock and Fixed Assets; Claim for Profit or Consequential Loss
4. Accounts from Incomplete Records − Single Entry System


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Dr. Deepak Raste,

Dr. Nilesh V. Suchak


Himalaya pub