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Advanced Economic Theory


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The current book is on “Advanced Economic Theory” which constitutes Paper IV, for students offering Economics at the Third Year Level. The work is strictly based on the Revised Pattern, under the Credit Based Semester and Grading System introduced by the University of Mumbai.

The Syllabus covered under this Paper deals with two areas of Economics namely: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The entire portion has been divided into two parts: Part A and Part B.

The book – Part A (Semester V) essentially deals with Microeconomics. It is inclusive of four Modules. Module I concentrates on the market structure, Module II on Theory of Distribution, Module III on Welfare Economics, while Module IV is on Information Economics.

Advanced Economic Theory is a subject which is studied by students all over the world and an attempt has been made to present the entire matter in a simple and lucid manner. The material has been sourced out from, books and articles written by eminent Authors and Scholars.


Contents –

1. Decision Making Under Oligopoly
2. Theory of Factor Pricing
3. General Equilibrium and Social Welfare
4. Economics of Information



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Year of publication

2014, 2015



Dr. Medha J. Gupte,

Kiran Vasant Jadhav,

Ms. Medhavini S. Khare


Himalaya pub