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Binding the Unbind (Fiction Poem Book)


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The heart, mind and soul are trapped in the three “U’s”: unexpressed feelings, unsaid words and unforgettable memories. We often wonder, “Whom should I listen to – my heart or my mind?” But we forget that our heart and mind both want the same things, both want to be happy. It’s we, who create opinions, we who take the wrong call and we who make ourselves sad.

Love being the foundation of every emotion all other emotions flow from it. We get angry because we expect and we expect because we love.

No doubt in life having a career and making money are all important but we can focus on all these things when we are mentally strong and we can be mentally strong if our emotions are our strength and not our weakness.


Contents –

1. Love Confession
2. Cold Summers
3. Mother
4. You and I Friends Till We Die
5. You and I at Different Places
6. Insomniac Love
7. Love Knows No Creed
8. The Same Me and the Same You
9. Love the Hate
10. Learn to Live
11. It is Time to Let Go
12. Heart Break
13. Two Streams
14. Start Anew
15. Colourless Love
16. Respect Her
17. Another Fall
18. Thorns and Roses
19. Real Hero
20. My Country My Love
21. Stress Buster
22. Mom
23. Parents
24. Sibling Love
25. Womb to Tomb
26. Relationship!
27. Love Birds
28. The Brew
29. An Evening on the Beach
30. A Wish
31. Love is Sacrifice
32. Forever’s Do Exist
33. She Met Him
34. Win over Your Sin
35. Don’t Forget to Love them
36. When their Eyes Met
37. Romeo and Juliet
38. The Best Part of Me!
39. To the Time
40. Online!
41. Less is More
42. Unseen Cries
43. A Dance to Remember
44. I Loved Her
45. Blind and Deaf
46. Daddy’s Little Girl
47. Smile over Tears
48. First Love
49. Whenever She Felt Low
50. Give Love Another Chance
51. The Crush
52. Miss Right!
53. Proposal!
54. Guys be Like
55. Love in the Air
56. Unsaid Love
57. Rhythm of Love
58. Family…
59. Goal Scored
60. Unsaid Words
61. I Still Love You
62. First Date
63. Happiness
64. Romance
65. Move on
66. Scars of Love
67. Friends Forever
68. Poles Apart
69. Attraction
70. Six Months
71. Holding Hope
72. Undefined Relation
73. Time Heals, Scars Stay


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Radhika Kehalkar


Himalaya pub