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Bioinformatics is the first and foremost of Biological Science. It is considered as the application of Information Technology to the Management of Biological data. It is a fast evolving scientific discipline. The public data bases and their storage are growing exponentially. The researcher is highly benefited with these information using the computer tools and the websites. This book deals with many of the important data bases, computer tools and the websites. Further, the book provides the students with a genuinely Indian perspective on the principles and applications of Bioinformatics in a style which combines academic rigour with practical insight. This book is an essential reading for all introductory courses in Bioinformatics at degree, post-graduate and professional levels.

The subject is covered in six parts in an easy and understandable way:
– A brief understanding of Biotechnology and Microbiology.
– Fundamentals of Biotechnology.
– Biological information on the web.
– Tools for Bioinformatics.
– Data analysis, data mining and data visualizing.
– Biotech / Bioinformatic activities in India.


Book Content of Bioinformatics
Part I
1. A Brief Understanding of Biotechnology and Microbiology
2. Computers in Biochemical Research
3. Bioinformatics
4. Biotechnology and information Technology (BIO-IT)
5. Building own website
Part II
6. Genes
7. Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA)/Ribo Nucleic Acid (RNA)
8. Motif
9. Chromosomes
10. Genetics
Part III
11. Biological Information on the Web
Part IV
12. Biological Databases
13. Protein Resource Data Bases
14. Homology, Analogy, Orthology and Paralogy
15. Packages Concentrating on Particular Areas of Sequence Analysis
16. Pairwise Alignment
17. Multiple Sequence Alignments
18. Structure Classification of Databases
19. DNA Recombinant Technology for Growth Harmone Therapy
20. Well-Known Comprehensive Packages
21. Genomics and Proteomics Tools and Techniques
22. Analysis Packages
Part V
23. Data Analysis Using Perl
24. Data Mining
25. Data Visualisation
Part VI
26. India’s Potential in Biotechnology
27. Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Activities in India

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