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The present title “Biomolecules” is a composite subject and for satisfactority expounding it, there is needed to have full competence in both chemistry and biology. It has been written to serve a dual function: first, to make students of various related disciplines of life science aware of certain basic biochemical principle and second, to use these principle to analysis commonly occurring health related problems in terms of their biochemical components. In the text the structure and properties of the major classes of biomolecules have been dealt it simple, lucid and easy understandable language. It deals with and study of the composition, the synthesis compounds found in the living organisms. It encompasses all the chemical reactions carries out by cells. The primary goal has been to provide useful information within the overall framework at appropriate points. The book is eminently suited to the students of biology, and medicine as it provides a good non-mathematical introduction to biomolecules, and at the same time it can be of value to the general students, researches as well as the teachers of the related fields.

Book Content of Biomolecules
1. Origin of the Earth
2. Origin of Biomolecules
3. Atoms and Molecules
4. Water
5. Chemical Bonds
6. Cell As A Unit of Life
7. Biomembranes
8. Flow of Energy In A Cell
9. Carbohydrates
10. Lipids
11. Amino Acids
12. Proteins
13. Enzymes
14. Nucleic Acid (DNA)
15. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
16. Biosynthesis of Protein
17. Biosynthesis of Purine and Pyrimidine
18. Amino Acid Metabolism
19. Metabolism of Individual Amino Acids
20. Metabolism of Carbohydrates
21. Metabolism of Lipid
22. Catabolism of Nucleotides
23. Vitamins
24. Hormones
25. Inborn Errors of Metabolism

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