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Botany (Sem IV, Nagpur Univ)


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This book for the students and the teacher for fulfill their requirements after glorious success of Himalaya`s series of B.Sc. Botany Semester wise books. “Botany B.Sc. Semester IV” has been written according to the Latest Semester wise Syllabus RTMNU, Nagpur. In which Paper I (Anatomy and Embryology of Angiosperm) and Paper II (Genetics and Molecular Biology) has been put forth before the B.Sc. Botany students of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.

The theory is given in the form of points, the students will find this easy to remember. There is no substitute for simplified, clear and well labeled diagrams in botany. Such large number of simplified diagrams in the book will make it easy for the students to understand the subject easily.

To present the text in most simple & lucid language. This will make it easy for the students to understand the subject. At the end of each unit, Question bank is given which will help the students to understand how different types of questions can be asked in examination.


Contents :

Paper I (Cell Biology, Plant Breeding, Evolution and Seed Technology)
Unit 1: Cell Organization
Unit 2: Cell Biology
Unit 3: Plant Breeding and Evolution
Unit 4: Skill Development: Seed Technology
Paper II (Genetics and Molecular Biology and Plant Nursery)
Unit 1: Genetics (Mendelism, Linkage and Crossing Over)
Unit 2: Genetics : Mutation
Unit 3: Molecular Biology
Unit 4: Skill Development: Plant Nursery
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Dr. Anil S. Dahat,

Dr. Kalpana P. Ghoshal,

Dr. Mahesh N. Mhaiskar,

Dr. Mundeep G. Awaley,

Dr. S. P. Qureshi


Himalaya pub