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Cases in Indian Management (Vol.III)

This Volume III of ‘Case in Indian Management’ departs from the previous Volumes I and II. The introductory chapter on ‘What is a case study and how to use the case study approach’ is deleted. Further, I have deliberately included 2 cases: Case 8 ‘Door Step School’ and Case 9, ‘OLX – the Game Changer’ to encourage post-graduate students in writing publishable case studies of good quality and standard.

Volume III has 11 cases unlike the previous volume which had only 8 cases in each volume.
Case 1: Ahluwalia’s Distribution Problem
B.A. Chansrakar
Case 2: Visibly Wrong Acquisition
R. Aurora
Case 3: Sun Pharma- Strategies that Shine
A. Rangnekar
Case 4: Ingredients of a Successful Innovation
R. Chaturvedi
Case 5: Call Recall by General Motors
G.C. Nag
Case 6: Valuable Shirtings LTd. (VSL) – Financing of Business
A. Pandit
Case 7: E-tail in India – Fast Forward
A. Rangnekar
Case 8: Door Step School: Education moves to every DOORSTEP
P. Bhonsle and S. Pawar
Case 9: OLX – The Game Changer
S. Maheshwari, K. Narsaria and M. Tyagi
Case 11: Barefoot Enterprenumer
K. Laghate


Contents :

1. Alhuwalia’s Distribution Problem
2. Visibly a Wrong Acquisition?
3. Sun Pharma – Stratrgies that Shine
4. Ingredients of a Successful Innovation
5. Car Recall by General Motors in India
6. Valuable Shirtings Ltd. (VSL) – Financing of a Business
7. E-tail in India – Fast Forward
8. Door Step School: Education Moves on to Every DOORSTEP
9. OLX – The Game Changer
10. Genesis and Growth of IndiGo Airline- As an Aviation Leader
11. Barefoot Enterprenuer


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