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College Organic Chemistry (Part-II)


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College Organic Chemistry Part II has been written in accordance with the revised syllabus of Kumaun University. It is intended to serve the Second Year B. Sc. students.
The aim of this book has been to provide:

  • The subject-matter in a clear and simple style with figures and illustrations.
  • A number of questions for a better understanding of the theoretical aspects of the subject.
  • Breakaway of the conventional style and usage of detailed and thought provoking material.
  • Widen the scope of thought and parameter of practice and take the reader beyond the routine standard.
  • IUPAC system of nomenclature is used.
  • A large number of questions at the end of each chapter to motivate the students.
  • Emphasis has been laid on the principles rather than any more sophisticated mathematical manipulations.
Book Content of College Organic Chemistry (Part-II)
  1. Alcohols
  2. Dihydric and Trihydric Alcohols
  3. Oils and Fats and Soaps and Synthetic Detergents
  4. Ethers
  5. Phenols and Aromatic Alcohols
  6. Aliphatic Aldehydes and Ketones
  7. Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones
  8. Active Methylene Compounds
  9. Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
  10. Aromatic Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
  11. Alkyl Nitrites, Nitroalkanes Nitriles and Isonitriles
  12. Alkyl Cyanates and Isocyantes and Urea
  13. Aliphatic Amines
  14. Aromatic Amines
  15. Aromatic Nitrocompounds
  16. Aryldiazonium Salts
  17. Thioalcohols and Thioethers
  18. Aromatic Sulphonic Acids
  19. Organophosphorus Compounds



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