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ComET (For JRF/NET/SET Examinations)


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The book on “ComET” – Commerce Eligibility Test is prepared based on the syllabus for JRF / NET / SET. University Grants Commission (UGC) conducts an examination on all-India basis for awarding either Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or for qualifying in National Eligibility Test (NET). States in India also conduct State Eligibility Test (SET) on similar grounds of NET. Therefore, there is a need for a book for preparing for the above examinations.

The book contains sufficiently a large number of Objective Type Questions for each topic of the syllabus prescribed, as the competitive exam would consist of only objective questions. The Objective Type Questions include Multiple Choice Questions; Match the Following; and Assertion and Reasons. At the end of each Unit, Key for the Questions in the Unit is provided.

A sample of earlier UGC Exam Papers along with the kety is also appended.

We are confident that the book would be of a great help to the candidates preparing for the JRF / NET / SET and the reader would also be able to have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject.


Contents –

Unit I: Business Environment
1 Meaning and Elements of Business Environment
2 Economic Environment, Economic Policies and Economic Planning
3 Legal Environment of Business in India
4 Policy Environment
Unit II: Financial and Management Accounting
5 Basic Accounting Concepts, Capital and Revenue and Financial Statements
6 Partnership: Admission, Retirement, Death and Dissolution
7 Advanced Company Accounts
8 Cost and Management Accounting
Unit III: Business Economics
9 Business Economics, Profit and Wealth Maximisation, Demand Analysis and Elasticity of Demand and Indifference Curve Analysis
10 Utility Analysis, Laws of Returns and Law of Variable Proportions
11 Cost, Revenue, Price Determination in Different Market Situations
Unit IV: Business Statistics
12 Business Statistics and Data Processing
13 Sampling
14 Normal Distribution
15 Hypothesis Testing
16 Analysis and Interpretation of Data
17 Correlation
18 Regression Analysis
19 t-Test
20 F-test and Analysis of Variance
21 Chi-Square Test
Unit V: Business Management
22 Principles of Management
23 Planning and Planning Process
24 Decision Making
25 Organising and Organisational Structures
26 Formal and Informal Organisations
27 Organisational Climate and Culture
28 Motivation
29 Leadership
30 Committees
31 Communication
32 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Unit VI: Marketing Management
33 Evolution of Marketing, Concepts of Marketing, Marketing Mix and Marketing Environment
34 Consumer Behaviour and Market Segmentation
35 Product, Pricing, Distribution and Promotion Decisions
36 Marketing Planning, Organising and Control
37 Marketing Research, Online Marketing and Social, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Marketing in India
Unit VII: Financial Management
38 Capital Structure, Financial and Operating Leverage
39 Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting
40 Working Capital Management
41 Dividend Policy
Unit VIII: Human Resource Management
42 Human Resources Management: Concepts, Role and Functions
43 Human Resource Planning
44 Recruitment and Selection
45 Training and Development
46 Succession Planning
47 Wage and Salary Administration
48 Incentives and Fringe Benefits
49 Performance Appraisal
50 Industrial Relations
51 Workers Participation
52 Job Analysis, Description and Specification
53 Morale and Productivity
Unit IX: Banking and Financial Institutions
54 Banking, Reserve Bank of India, NABARD and Rural Banking
55 Banking Sector Reforms
56 E-Banking
57 Development Banking
Unit X: International Business
58 Theoretical Foundation of International Business
59 Balance of Payments
60 International Economic Institutions
61 World Trade Organisation (WTO)
62 Foreign Trade Structure
63 Foreign Direct Investment
64 Multinational Corporations / Multinational Companies
65 Regional Economic Integration
66 Intellectual Property Rights
67 Foreign Exchange
68 Convertibility of a Rupee
69 Foreign Investment Institutions and Instruments
Unit XI: Accounting and Finance
70 Accounting Standards in India, Inflation Accounting, Human Resource Accounting and Social Accounting
71 Money and Capital Market
72 Regulatory Authorities
73 Venture Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mutual Funds, Lease Financing and Factoring
74 Measurement of Risk and Return
Unit XII: Income Tax Law
75 Basic Concepts
76 Assessment of Individuals and Firms
77 Deduction of Tax
78 Tax Planning
Commerce Paper – II (December 2015)
Commerce Paper – III (December 2015)
Commerce Paper – II (July 2016)
Commerce Paper – III (July 2016)
Commerce Paper – II (January 2017)
Commerce Paper – III (January 2017)


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