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Company Law and Secretarial Practice


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This book is unique in the presentation and arrangement of textual matters along with living examples and cases. After reading this book one can easily understand how to start company, what are the formalities that are to be followed in setting and promoting a company? How to run a company? What are the powers of board of directors? What are the important documents that are required to start and run a company, How to close or wind-up the company? All these are discussed in the unit one, three, four, five and six of this book. Unit two speaks of the company secretary, his qualification, appointment, position, rights, duties, liabilities and the like. In the current scenario, there is a greater demand for company secretary; the students of business need to understand all about company secretary and one can opt to for the course – Associate Company Secretreship (ACS).

This book also contains skill development component excises such as drafting of Memordam and Articles, Articles of Association, Company notices, Regulations apart from giving the sample organisation structure and chart showing different types of company in India. The material of presented in this book is as per latest amendments of the Companies Act, 1956.

Book Content of Company Law and Secretarial Practice
1. Company – An Overview
2. Company Secretary
3. Company Management
4. Formation of Companies
5. Basic Documents
6. Company Meetings
7. Annexures
Important Acts and Bills
Model Question Papers
Skill Development

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Dr. B. Chandrashekara,

Dr. K. Ramachandra,

Prof. Alla Bakash S.


Himalaya pub