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Computer Application in Management


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A student must understand how a computer functions in addition to knowing how to program it. The main objective of this book is to explain a beginner how a computer works. In today`s information age, knowledge of computer is must. We use computer in each and every aspect of our lives. Anybody who wants to succeed in today`s world cannot afford to ignore computers and communication technology. Irrespective of field that one specializes in, the basic knowledge of computers and modern technology is an absolute necessity- may it be composing a letter or an article on word processor, preparing the budget using an spreadsheet, sending an e-mail, surfing the Internet, making a presentation using one of the presentation software and so on.

The book `Computer Application in Management` is written for all who want to know about computers, learn the basics and take advantage of the latest technologies in the field of computers and Information technologies. It covers the essentials of computer science and Information Technology from the history of computing to developments in the internet, e-mail, WWW, multimedia and so on. We have tried to include the latest technological developments, wherever appropriate, so that the book is current and up-to-date.

The presentation in this book is aimed at self-study. The language used in writing this book is very lucid so that each student can understand the content without any problem.

Contents :

1. Computer Application for Management Studies
2. Operating System
3. Microsoft Office Word
4. Microsoft Office Excel
5. Microsoft PowerPoint
6. Microsoft Office Access
7. Computer Networks
8. Introduction to Internet
9. E-commerce
10. Applications of Information Technology


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Dr. Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui,

Vivekanand Pandey


Himalaya pub