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Computerised Accounting (Telangana Univ)


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This gives us great pleasure in presenting our Dream Project “Computerized Accounting” based on the New CBCS syllabus for various Universities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Universities.

The book had prepared exclusively as per New Restructured syllabus based, while taking lot of available Information, to see that each and every topic to be covered as per the syllabi, we had given screen shorts Pictures and Diagrams for every Unit as per the subject need, keeping in view of students and teaching faculty concern.

Unit 1 cover latest version of Maintaining Chart of Account in ERP, company creation, company features ledger group, display of ledgers P2P procure to page etc. Unit 2 cover topics of Maintaining Stock Keeping Units (SKU) master is ERP, Creating Inventory masters, defining of stock opening, balance in ERP stock category-reports. Unit 3 covers Recording Day-to day Transactions in ERP, Business Transactions – source document for Voucher, Recording transactions in ERP, Accounting Vouchers, Receipt voucher (F6), Contra Voucher (F4), Payment Voucher (F9), Sales Voucher (F8), Debit Note Voucher – Credit Note (Ctrl+F8), Journal Voucher (F7). Unit 4 covers Accounts payables and Receivables – Maintaining Bill-wise details, Activation of Maintain Bill wise Details futuer – New reference-on Account, Stock Category Report – Changing the Financial year in ERP, and Unit 5 cover Advantages of MIS Reports, MIS Reports in ERP, Trial Balance, Profit & Lost Account- cash flow statement, ratio analysis, Books and Reports, Day Book etc.


Contents –

1. Maintaining Chart of Accounts in ERP
2. Maintaining Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
3. Recording Day-to-Day Transactions in ERP
4. Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
5. MIS Reports


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B. Viswanadham,

Garima Agrawal,

Kamlesh Mittal,

Sanjay Raj Koelkar


Himalaya pub