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Constitutional Law – I (LLB, Mumbai Univ)


This book delves into the fundamental concepts of Constitutional Law, a mandatory subject for all law students in India, regardless of whether they are pursuing a three-year or five-year integrated course. It provides a comprehensive overview of key topics including the meaning and historical background of constitutions, the nature and features of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, citizenship, and the structure of the Indian state. By building a strong foundation in these essential areas, the book aims to equip students with a clear understanding of Constitutional Law, preparing them for further academic pursuits and professional challenges.

This book cuts through the clutter of information, offering a clear and concise explanation of Constitutional Law. It facilitates efficient concept review for students, thanks to its inclusion of relevant case laws. Beyond serving as a memory aid, the book’s straightforward language and simple explanations make it ideal for anyone seeking a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of Constitutional Law.

This book prioritizes meeting the needs of LL.B. students of University of Mumbai, as Constitutional Law represents a mandatory subject for the three- and five-year programs. Its scope extends further, however, by catering to LL.M. students and UGC-NET (Law) aspirants, whose curriculums incorporate the same subject. Additionally, anyone with a strong interest in Constitutional Law or Public Law, including practicing lawyers, academicians, lawmakers, and think tanks, will find this book valuable for its insights and practical applications related to policymaking and other professional endeavours.


Contents –

1: Introduction to the Constitution
2: Fundamental Rights: Introduction, Right to Equality and Right to Freedom
3: Fundamental Right Against Exploitation, Right to Religion, Cultural and Educational Rights and Right to Constitutional Remedies
4: Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties, Judiciary and Tribunals



Year of Publication




175 (In Grams)

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Faiz Ayat Ansari,

Shruti Chaturvedi


Himalaya pub


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