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Consumer Protection and Redressal Machinery In India


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Consumer protection is an integral activity of every person. Every person is consumer. He is attached to the purchasing process since his childhood. Purchasing is inevitable activity in the life of every person till the death. Hence, this activity must be performed effectively and perfectly. He should know process, procedure and legal aspects to consider while purchasing so that he will not be cheated or exploited in it. Every manufacturer, dealer or seller claims for consumer satisfaction for which they are least bother after sale, where consumer dissatisfaction starts. It is generally observed that persons are deceived trading activities by the businessmen. Therefore, attempt is made in this book to create awareness of consumerism and its essential requirement to protect the interest of consumes.

This book helps the person or reader to guide to protect his interest in market, and react for the exploitation or injustice to him. It also covers the essential legal aspect of consumer protection act, redressal machinery under CP Act.

In this book attempt is also made to elaborate and analyses the problems of consumer dissatisfaction by quotating some cases and its results. It is extremely useful for academics, researchers, consumers, consumer activists, students of commerce and business management and other faculty related to aspect of consumerism.

Book Content of Consumer Protection and Redressal Machinery In India
    1. Acknowledgement
    1. List of table
  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Movement and Pro-consumer Legislations
  3. The Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies – Its working, set-up, Organization Structure and
  4. Analysis of some sample cases decided in the District Consumer Forums selected for the study.
  5. Working of Forums



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