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Corporate Accounting (Sem 4, Telangana Univ)


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The book on “Corporate Accounting” is tailor-made to meet the requirements of contents of the new syllabi of B.Com., Semester IV of all the Universities in Telangana State and provides requisite knowledge on Company Liquidation; Amalgamation and Reconstruction; Accounts of Banking and Insurance Companies.

An earnest and sincere attempt is made to present the information in a non-technical, simple and lucid manner so as to enable the reader to understand the subject with ease.

The book contains sufficiently large number of illustrations for a better grasp in the subject matter. Wherever necessary, working notes and explanations have been provided.

At the end of each chapter, questions and problems are given for practice.


Contents –

1. Company Liquidation
2. Amalgamation (AS – 14)
3. Internal Reconstruction and Acquisition of Business
4. Accounts of Banking Companies
5. Accounts of Life Insurance Companies
6. Accounts of General Insurance Companies


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8, 13, 9

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250, 476, 232



Year of publication

2021, 2023


312, 580, 314



Dr. (Ms.) Prashanta Athma,

N. Rajyalaxmi


Himalaya pub