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Corporate Governance In The Indian Banking and Financial Sector


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Corporate Governance against the backdrop of globalisation has become a delicate and onerous take for survival as well as for seizing the opportunities. Good Corporate Governance form a set of core values that need to be installed at all levels of organisation including banking and financial institutions. The quality of Corporate Governance will become one of the key tests and major drivers of shareholder value. Corporate Governance in Banking and Financial System in India is a comprehensive textbook cum reference book which provides a good coverage of the fundamentals of Corporate Governance in Banking and Financial Sector in India. The discussion of various chapters has been done in a simple and easy to understand for the students and Executives of Management, Commerce and Professional Courses. This book covers theoretical aspects of Corporate Governance and empirical study of Corporate Governance in Banking and Financial Sector in India. This book will be useful for students, executives, researchers and bank managers.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature
3. Corporate Governance − An Overview
4. Analysis and Evaluation of The Process of Corporate Governance in The Selected Banks
5. Chatered Accountants and Corporate Governance − An Overview
6. Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of Public And Private Sector Banks and Financial Institutions
7. Summary of Findings, Policy Implications and Conclusions
8. Annexure
9. Bibliography


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Dr. M. Sakthivel Murugan


Himalaya pub