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Cost and Management Accounting – I (Mysore Univ)


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Any Business Organization (Manufacturing, Service and trade) has to satisfy its customer needs in a befitting manner, in the final analysis, it will thrive only when its customer is satisfied, which results in steady growth of turnover and profits. Cost Accounting function of a business unit contributes for the growth of profit and customer satisfaction. The success of any type and size (smallest to big company Malls) of business lies in the use of cost accounting concepts and practices.

Business Managers have to profusely use Cost Data for planning and controlling of the organization, as well as fixing price for products and services. Costing data also facilitates them to extend quality service to customers. Today cost accountants have become an integral part of decision- making teams of project management and in general management practices of organizations.

Though, cost accounting provides different costing methods for different managerial decisions, this title provides basic aspects of cost accounting including cost concepts, management of materials, labour and over heads. Although, it covers the costing syllabus of B.com and BBM programmes of many Universities including Mysore University, this also serves as a basic book for learners of cost accounting. Many illustrations on each topic are presented for easy understanding of the concepts and methods.



1. Introduction to Cost Accounting
2. Elements of Costing
3. Materials Costing
4. Labour Cost Control
5. Overhead Cost Control



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D. N. Sowmya,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah,

Vijaya Kumar V.


Himalaya pub