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Developing South Asia as a Global Hub of Management Professionals Role of Management Education


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The world has set their eyes on this part of the developing world. South Asia is the manufacturing hub of the world. With the enormous population, it has also become one of the biggest consumers as well. Such a Scenario requires huge number of professionals to handle all the activities.

The professionals not only handle their local offices but also take up roles as Global leaders. Hear is where Management Education alone plays the most important role not only in classroom education but also in exposing students to the global environment

This book is a collection of articles written on various topic of management education, which would help students become global leaders and collectively make South Asia as a global Hub of Management Professionals.


Contents :

1. The Growth of Global business and the Role of Business Diplomacy – Prof. Anuradha Mahesh and Dr. Anand K. Joshi
2. Corporate Government and the Role of Independent Directors in China and India: An Assessment of the Evidence – Arindam banik and Pradip K. Bhaumik
3. Family Business : Components of Architecture – Dr. Ashok Ranade and Ms Anuradha Yesugade
4. India Refined : We Need a Face-lift – Mrs. Chitralekha Kumar and Shreyas Powar
5. Governance Practices in Management Education Institution in South Asia – Dushyant Ashok Mahadik
6. Towards a Cultural Theory of Management Education Models across South Asia – Gunapala Nanayakkara
7. A Study of Existing Management Education Models across South Asian Region and Its Development by focusing on Partnership – Isha Sharma and Neelu Rohmetra
8. Exploring the Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Deviant Workplace Behavior, and Job Performance : An Empirical Study – Aftab Uddin, Sahidur Rahman and Mohammad Harisur Rahman Howlader
9. Management Education for Engineers: A Study on Joint MBA Program of USTC and IEB – Dr. Md. Muzammel Hoque and Md. Sarwar Uddin
10. Creating a South Asian Global Hub for Management Education and Training: A Study on Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Reference to Business Schools of Bangladesh – Md. Sarwar Uddin and Farzana Solaiman
11. Measuring the Economic significance of Insurance Industry in Bangladesh – Dr. Mohammed Shamim Uddin khan and Mohammad Nazim Uddin
12. Family Business Practies – The Quality Review of Earnings Behavior of Indian Corporate – Dr. Sandeep Goel
13. Impact of Management and Development Training : Experience from Nepal – Shiva Hari Adhikari and Kedar Bahadur Rayamajhi
14. Increasing the Relevance of Higher Education in Pakistan : A Framework, Empirical Analysis and Recommendations – Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan and Dr. Muhammad adeel zaffar
15. Management Education in Nepal: Status, Spatial Distribution and Gender Diversity – Trilochan Pokharel
16. Promoting the Development of Social and Civic Responsibility : The Role of Mandatory Community Services Programmes at a Business School in Karachi – Dr. zeenat Ismail, Falag Hamirani and Taimour Husain Noorani
17. Impact of Quality Standards and Systems in Management Education : A Comparative Study – Dr. Amol Gore and Ms. Mukta Khapre
18. On Understanding a Gap Between Global Management Education and its Local Imperatives : A Case Study Approach to Sustainability and Leadership Perspectives of Excellence – Dr. Bharati Dole and Dr. Atul R. Deshpande
19. Quality of Management Education in India: A Study of Top B-Schools Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Salony Kansal and Dr. Ram Singh
20. South Asia: A Global Hub for Management Education and Training Strengths and Opportunities – Dr. Arun M. Ingle and Prof. Antre Ganesh
21. Worth of Management Education Training to Auditors – Janak Raj Gautam
22. Management Education : Suggested Agenda for Quality Delivery Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed
23. Case Study of Bridging the Skill Gap in Government College in the State of Karnataka – Manika Ghosh and Madhumita chatterji
24. Role of Management Institutions in Universalization of Management Education in India – Dr. Manisha Date
25. Effective Teaching as a Tool for Developing Management Education in South Asia – Dr. Md. Abu Taher and Dr. Md. Muzammel Hoque
26. Sociocultural Context and Ethos for Management Education in the Emerging South Asian Hub – Dr. Mohan Kotwal and Dr. Subhash Bhave
27. Integrating Climate Smart Knowledge Processes in Coastal and Agriculture Ecosystems – Perspectives for Management Science and policy – Prakash Rao and Yogesh Patil
28. Developing World-class Executive Education – Dr. R. Satya Raju
29. Are Intensive Courses Better? The Role of Pedagogy in Management Education – Dr. Sita Mishra and Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar
30. Developing Management System and Processes Required for Addressing Sustainability Issues in the Indian Insurance Broking Industry – Rajesh Kumar Sharma
31. Designing an Effective Faculty Feedback System: A Development Approach – Shaji Kurian and Dr. Solai Baskaran
32. Four-step Integrated Approach for Business Education in South Asia – Dr. Sonali Bhattacharya
33. Growth and Development of Management Education in Punjab – Vikas Singla and A.S. Chawla
34. Curriculum Development and Pedagogy for Developing World-class Management Education in South Asia – Dr. Brahm Sharma
35. B-Schools and Industry Interaction : A Key to Bridge the Gap in Management Education – Gauri Prabhu and Dr. N. M. Vechalekar
36. Quality Development of Academic Institutions: Constraints in the Light of Pre-independence in India – Lina Saha and Parthasarathi Chakraborthy
37. Job Attractiveness versus Key Employability Factors for fresh Business Graduates in the Private Sector of Bangladesh – Manju Singh
38. Integration of Teaching and Research : A Step for Developing World – Class Education – Manju Singh
39. SME Success: AMOD (A Case Study) – Dr. Meera S. Kulkarni
40. Need for Adopting an Educational Philosophy for Management Education Institutes – Dr. Meera S. Kulkarni
41. Employee Retention: The key to Branding an Organization Inside Out-New Concept of HR as Station – Dr. Rajeev Kumar
42. Need for Multicultural Curriculum Development Approach and Pedagogy in South Asia Dr. Satish Warpade and Pranav Kayande
43. India – The Regional Management Education Hub: A Critical Analysis – Ms. Sharmila Bonnerjee, Ms. Ekta Joshi and Mr. V.S. Girish
44. Management Education in India : Making India into an Intellectual Capital of the world Supriya Mathew, Richa Arora and anupama Suresh
45. Making of Boundary less world – Advantage India Dr. V.S. More
46. Potential of Business Mediated Industrial Waste and Climate Change Mitigation – An Emerging Management Though for Practice in South Asia – Yogesh Patil and Prakash Rao
47. Leveraging Technology – Advantage South Asia in Making the World Boundaryless Learning Any Time – Anywhere – Anybody – Dr. Abhay Kulkarni and Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni
48. New Trends and Challenges in Web-enabled Education Technologies – Dr. M.D. Lawrence
49. Experiences of digitization at MBA Institutes in Pune – Ms. Nilambari Joshi and Ms. Manjari lal
50. Innovation and Improvisation in Web-enabled Educational Technology Paper Nilesh M. Joglekar
51. A Study on E-Learning in Management Education – Pillai Anita Radhakrishnan and Dr. Anil Rao
52. E-Learning The Future of Education in India – Dr. Sharukh N. Trra and Dr. D. Y. Patil
53. Gap Analysis – Education and Corporate Needs Shubhangi Vanarse


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