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Economic Foundations of Business Environment (Anna Univ)


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Economic Foundations of Business Environment is a book on Macroeconomics designed to aid students of PGP/MBA programme. This book may be used as textbook by students under Anna University MBA programme, and as reference / self study tool by others. IT covers the MBA First Semester syllabus of Anna University.

Book Content of Economic Foundations of Business Environment


Chapter 1 Introduction to Macroeconomics

  1. Nature and Scope of macroeconomic issues
  2. Growth
  3. Employment
  4. Inflation
  5. Balance of Payment
  6. Exchange rate
  7. Circular flow of income
  8. National income concepts
  9. Measurement of national income
  10. The role of economic planning
  11. Indian economic planning

Chapter 2 Analysis of National Income, Employment and Inflation

  1. Analysis of national income
  2. Analysis of employment and inflation
  3. Keynesian perspective multiplier
  4. Accelerator
  5. Business cycle
  6. The role of fiscal policy
  7. Indian fiscal policy and experience

Chapter 3 Analysis of Monetary Sector

  1. Analysis of monetary sector
  2. Demand and supply of money
  3. Equilibrium of money market
  4. The role of monetary policy
  5. Indian perspective

Chapter 4 Integration of Commodity and Money Market

  1. Integration of Commodity and money market
  2. Anatomy of inflation and unemployment
  3. The role of economic policies
  4. Indian experience

Chapter 5 Analysis of External Sector

  1. Analysis of external sector
  2. International trade
  3. Trade multiplier
  4. Linkage model
  5. The role of trade policy
  6. Analysis of performance of Indian economy
    In external sector

    Glossary of Definitions


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