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Economic Reforms In India: Retrospect and Prospect


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Economic Reforms in India : Retrospect and Prospect is a collection of articles written by experienced teachers and young scholars which were presented at a National Seminar organized by the Department of Economics, Osmania University, Hyderabad in 2001. The Seminar was meant to assess the direction and impact of economic reform in India and also to suggest the future course of reforms. The articles are data based analytical and policy prescriptive. The book shall be useful to research scholars, policy makers and public at large.

Book Content of Economic Reforms In India: Retrospect and Prospect
      Economic Reforms in India : Retrospect and Prospect
      (lnaugural Address By Dr. C. Rangarajan)
  1. Impact of WTO and Economic Reforms on Indian Agriculture
    -Y. V. Krishna Rao
  2. Economic Reforms, Agricultural Growth and Rural Poverty in A.P.
    -S. Subrahmanyam, S. Sudhakar Reddy
  3. Second Wave should Reform Agricultural Productivity
    -G. Chandrasekar Rao, B. Nagaraja
  4. Plight of Agriculture After New Economic Reforms In India
    -C. Srinivasulu
  5. Reforms and Corporation of Indian Agriculture : Some Emerging Issues
    -A. G. Moss
  6. Economic Reforms and Changing Public Enterprise Policy in India in 1990s : Some Reflections
    -R. K. Mishra, B. Navin
  7. Performance of Indian Industries A `Post-Reform` Evaluation
    -V. Bhanu
  8. Industrial Investment in India : A Regional A Regional Analysis
    -M. Vara Prasad
  9. Economic Reforms and Small-Scale Industries in India: Some Issues
    -T. L. N. Swamy
  10. Economic Reforms and Textile Industry : A Case Study Of Handlooms and Powerlooms in Chittor District of A. P.
    -K. Sreenivasulu Naidu, Dr. B. Nagaraja, V. Ramesh Babu
  11. Impact of Structural Adjustment Programme On the Policies of S-Scale Industries in India
    -M. Ramanjaneyulu
  12. Prospects of Financial Sector Reforms in India – A Note
    -C. Siva Rama Krishna Rao
  13. Two Leading Monetary and Fiscal Reforms in India And their Impact
    -O. S. Shrivastava
  14. Changing Perspective of the Banking Sector : Regulatory Refocuss and Resource Management
    -Meera Lal
  15. Financial Sector Reforms and Capital Market In India
    -K. Malla Reddy
  16. Torpid Revenue Performance in India`s Tax System
    -M. Upender
  17. Reforms in Government Securities Market in India : Some Issue and Problems
    -Ranjan Kumar Dash
  18. A Review of India-Capital Market
    -N. Maria Das
  19. Employment Generation in India During the era of Liberalisation
    -G. Chandrasekar Rao, D. Krishnamoorthy
  20. Economic Liberalisation-Structural Changes In Employment Market in India
    -T. Jyothi Rani, K, Manuja Devi
  21. Reforms and Growth without Employment Growth
    -K. Chakradhar Rao
  22. Economic Reforms and Employment Situation In India : An Overview
    -G. Laxmaiah
  23. Economic Reforms and Rural Poverty in India
    -Dr. K. Pratap Reddy
  24. Impact of Reforms on Inequality and Poverty among the Dalits in Tamil Nadu
    -S. Venkatesan
  25. Social Sector Development-A Weak Link in Economic Reforms
    -G. Saibaba, O. Munirathnam Naidu
  26. Economic Reforms and Social Development In the Southern States
    -K. Nageswara Rao
  27. Economic Reforms and Health Status in India
    -K. Hanumantha Rao, K. Rajya Lakshmi, K. Jayasree
  28. Economic Reforms in Health Sector : A Closer Examination
    -T. Prabhakar Reddy
  29. Economic Reforms and the Developments in Education in A. P.
    -Dr. B. Shiva Reddy
  30. Nutritional Security and Role of Voluntary Organisations in the Post-Reforms Period
    -S. Indrakant
  31. Impact of New Economic Policy on Gender and Work
    -Ratna Kumari
  32. Impact of Economic Reforms with Special Reference To Service Sector in India
    -K. Venkat Narayana, T. Papi Reddy
  33. Economic Reforms and Institutional Factors
    -V. K. Srinivasan
  34. Economic Reforms and Institutionalism in India
    -J. V. Raghavendra Rao
  35. Financial Sector Reforms-Some Institutional Aspects
    -B. S. R. Rao
  36. Water User`s Associations is Andhra Pradesh : Some Issues
    -K. Muthyam Reddy
  37. Globalisation in the Economic Reforms Period of the Indian Economy
    -Gautam Murthy
  38. Globalisation-Poverty, World Bank, IMF, WTO And India
    -Boppana Nagarjuna
  39. The Adverse Impact of Globalisation on Developing Countries with Special Reference to India
    -I. Daisy
  40. The Challenges of Globalisation
    -M. Lakshmi Narasaiah
  41. Economic Reforms and Foreign Direct Investment : The Case of India
    -J. Mahender Reddy
  42. Impact of FDI on Emerging Economies Comparative Analysis of India and China
    -Dr. R. Sidda Goud
  43. Economic Reforms and Foreign Direct Investments In India : Emerging Trends and Patterns
    Rajesh P.
  44. Liberalisation of External Trade and economic Growth : Indian Experience
    -G. Ramakrishna
  45. Impact of Trade Reforms on India`s External Trade
    -Dr. K. Sai Haragopal
  46. Some Tendencies in the Trade Sector In the Post-Liberalisation Period – A Note
    -Patta. Ventkateswarlu

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