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Emerging Issues and Challenges in Management


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The fast changing volatile and dynamic environment is changing the landscape of the business and forcing the management to adopt the changes at a fast pace than before. This book discusses some of the issues and challenges and gives insight on the several emerging issues in management.

This current book entitled Emerging Issues and Challenges in Management discusses various issues and challenges in management. The book contains 16 articles and is divided into 4 parts.

The first part is Marketing Management contains 6 chapters covering the discussion on consumer perception, impulse buying behavior, customer satisfaction and service quality and rural prosperity.

The second part of the book Information Technology contains 2 chapters covering the discussion on IT audit and control and the role of IT in the retail industry.

The third part of the book contains 4 chapters on Financial Management covering the discussion on Microfinance, amalgamation of RRBs and trends in stock markets and issues related to financial inclusion.

The fourth part of the book contains 3 chapters on General Management covering discussions on Small-scale Industries and the impact of milk production on the state of UP and rural prosperity and global financial crisis.

All the chapters contained in the book are application-oriented and therefore will provide useful guidance to the practitioners as much as thy will to the researchers.


Contents –

Marketing Management
1. Consumer Perception towards Online Shopping in India – A Study – R.S. Chandel & Pavnesh Kumar
2. Demystifying Impulse Buying Behavior – Ramesh Chaturvedi
3. A Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in Public Sector Banks: A Demographic Study – Eliza Sharma
4. Measuring customer Demographic Variables in Private Insurance Companies – Upendra Singh Panwar, Anukool Manish Hyde & A. Dalpati
5. Service Quality Gap of Private Life Insurance Companies – A Study with Reference to Sivaganga District – A. Muthusamy
6. ‘Rural Prosperity’ – A Chariot for Rural Marketing – R.N. Singh
7. Sustainable Development in Women Entrepreneurship in India with Special Reference to Capital Region of Uttar Pradesh – Vivekanand Pandey
8. Effectiveness of CA in IT Audit and Control – A Study – Jitendra Kumar Singh & G.S. Rathore
9. Information Technology: A Tool for Rising Face of Indian Retail Industry – Anuradha Agarwal & Maithili R. P. Singh
Financial Management
10. The Microfinance Promise in Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh – Vikas Singh
11. Amalgamation of Regional Rural Banks – Archana Singh & Vibhuti Khare
12. Changing Trends in Indian Stock Market: Linkages with FPI – Rachna Mujoo & Nazia Jamal
13. Financial Inclusion – A Tool for Inclusive Growth in India – Badiuddin Ahmed, S. Nayamath Basha & Shaik Abdul Mazeed
General Management
14. Small-scale Industries in India: Problems and Prospects – Deepak G. Kondawar & Pravin B. Jadhav
15. Operation Flood and its Impact on Production of Milk in the State of Uttar Pradesh – Sunil Kumar Singh
16. Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Indian Economy – Atul Bansal


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