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Emerging Trends in Business: Issues, opportunities and Challenges


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The collection of Research Articles on “Emerging Trends in Business: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges”.

A technical academic paper will typically include five main sections : Introducton, Research and Literature Review, Experimental Investigations, Results and Conclusions. Needless to say, it takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to investingate and prepare the research papers that adds to the existing knowledge-base in their respective field of expertise.

Hearty congratulations to all the research scholars who have presented their papers in this event. National Conferences of this kind enables the getting together of the experts in the chosen field from across Indian Universities / institutions to share ideas and constructively move forward.


Contents –

Accounting, Banking and Finance
1. Mergers and Acquisitions – An Overview — Mr. Ritesh S. Sheth, CA Yogesh Patel
2. Importance of Accounting Education for Improvement of Job-oriented Skills among the Students of the Self-finance Courses — Dr. Janardan S. Hotkar
3. Financial Engineering – Risk Management — Mrs. Seema Ramchandani
4. Solar ATM Changing the Face of Indian Banking Sector : “Gramateller” — Prof. Devanjali Dutta
5. Banking and Finance — Mr. Nirav Rashmikant Goda
6. Regional Rural Banking in India — Ms. Vijeta V. Ashrit
7. Role of Financial Inclusion in India — Mrs. Rucha Prajakt Khavanekar
8. Commercial Bank – Leaders in Economic Development — Mrs. Preeta Rejoy Kannukadan, Mrs. Remya Anilkumar
9. A Study on Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development — CA Savita Desai
10. Contribution of Commrcial Banks in the Development of Indian Economy — Ms. Pooja Parwni, Ms. Teena Kachhela
11. Non-Banking Finance Companies : An Overview — Ms. Salochna Nagdev
12. Retail Banking : Opportunities and Challenges — Ms. Babita Nagdev
13. Mutual Funds – A Gateway to Financial Freedom — Mrs. Ranjana Mhalgi
Business Management
14. Re-imaging Business the Green Way : Issues and Challenges — Dr. Chandani Bhattacharjee
15. Sustainable Growth and Development : “Success in Business” — Ms. Geetapriya G.
16. Efficacy of ICT in Sustainable Growth and Development of E-Commerce — Dr. Jaya Prem Manglani
17. An Overview of India’s New CSR Policy — Mrs. Soni Preeti Kantilal
18. Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Business Management — Dr. Prema Gurbuxani
19. Corporate Social Rsponsibility and Social Empowerment (with Reference to Aditya Birla Group) — Ms. Suchitra Poojari
20. Business Management – Corporate Social Responsibility “Small is Beautiful” : “Entrepreneurship” — Prof. V. Susila
21. Agro Tourism – An Opportunity for Women Empowrment — Prof. Urmila Shetve, Dr. Seethalekshmy N.
22. Private Security Industry in India : Challenges and Suggestions — Mr. Vinayak Revji Chandal, Dr. Kale P.B.
23. Competition Law Regimen vis-a-vis The Indian Corporates : An Overview — Ms. Mohita Chhibber
24. Role of Information and Communication Technology in Businesses and its Impact — Ms. Rafat Khan
Marketing Management
25. Consumers Attitude towards Online Shopping (Factors Influencing Professors to Shop Online) — Prof. Anita S. Pandey
26. An Inside view of Service Marketing in India — Ms. Dimple Singh, Ms. Varuna Agarwal
27. Understanding Consumer Behavior towards Ready-to-eat Products in Pune — Ms. Arya Dexit, Ms. Surbhi Khemka
28. Retail Marketing Organising the “Big M” — Mr. Karthik Govindan Nayakar
29. Green Marketing : A Study of Indian Car Market — Prof. Mahadeo K. Kelkar
30. Retailing in India : Issues and Challenges — Prof. Mukund Deshpande
31. Marketing – Prospects of Retail Marketing in “One Click” Era — Mrs. Amrita Sanyal, Ms. Neha Khakhar
32. E-tailing in India – Road Ahead — Mrs. Rashmi V. Shetty
33. The Study of the Growing Importance of Digital Marketing in India — Dr. Rita Khatri
34. Social Marketing — Mrs. Sangeeta Hirlekar
35. Social Networking Sites – Boon or Bane — Prof. Savita R. Punjabi


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