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Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Application


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It is with immense pleasure we bring into the hands of the readers, the collection of Research Articles on “Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Application“.

A technical academic paper will typically include five main section: Introduction, Research and Literature Review, Experimental Investigations, Results and conclusions. Needless to say, it takes a lot of delication and hard-work to investigate and prepare the research papers that adds to the existing knowledge-base in their respective field of expertise.



1. A Review : Cryptographic RSA Approach to Solve Big Data Security Issues – Mrs.Bareen Shaikh, Mrs. Shital Ghotekar and Mrs. Sangeeta Borde
2. An Overview of “Application of Tree Concepts in Commputer Science” – Mrs. Vijayalaxmi M.K.
3. Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Devising a Recommendation System – Shweta Thorad, Shreya Waghmare, Shikha Upadhyay and Mrs. Vaishali Wangikar
4. Cloud Computing : Today and Tomorrow – Mrs.Akshada Kulkarni
5. Congestion Control in Mobil Ad Hoc Network – Mrs. Vandana Pagar and Mrs. Pallavi Hailkar
6. Data Mining for Network Security – Mrs. Mayuri Bapat
7. Design of Framework for Agriculture Service using Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Dsts Processing – Madhukar M. Wakhare
8. Expert System Applications in Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment : A Review – Prof. Mujawar I.K. and Dr. Jadhav B.T.
9. Forecasting of Landslide and Interfacing with Senors – Shital Shelukar, Priya Garg and Pooja Galande
10 . Fully Distributed Cluster for Big Data Processing – Khushboo Azmi and Ansari Faheem
11. Identification of Deduplicates by using an Entity Resolution Algorithm in Hadoop Environment – Vaishali Wangikar, Raviraj Ashok Shinde, Shantanu Sudhakar Waghmare, Sagar Anand Gargote and Nitin Bhagwan Sanap
12 . Internet of Things : A Viaion, Challenges and Application with Indian Perspective – Tarun Sharma, Dr. Sourabh Jain, Tanmay Kasbe and Sanjana Soni
13. Literature Review On Data Warehousing – Vaishali A. Kherdekar
14. Making a Kettle Smart by Implementing IoT For Eagerly Waiting Customer in a Coffee Shop – Sujaya Dasgupta, Varsha Sontakke, M.S. Zambare and A.D. Shaligram
15. Mobile Hunt: An Android Based Application – Savita Mohurle, Dr. Richa Purohit, Naresh Jagade, Sachin Kumbhar and Shaila Pawar
16. NoSQL Databases : Security and Challenges – Ms. Kavita D. Mahajan and Mrs. Minal C. Dutta
17. Performance Measurement of Bluetooth using WPM Tools – Mr. M.S. Landage and Dr. B.T. Jadhav
18. Review of Implementation of Perceptron Learning Algorithm Using MATLAB – Mrs. Rashmi Lad
19. Review of Application of Statistics in Data Mining – Prof. Shriram Kargaonkar and Prof. Archana Kadam
20. Secure Cloud Computing through Homomorphic Encryption using RSA Algorithm – Mrs. Shital Ghotekar, Mrs. Bareen Shaikh and Mrs. Sangeeta Borde
21. Shape Characterisation of Sand Particle using Digital Image Processing – Ashish A. Mehta
22. Shopping Tool for Blind Person – Najrin Shaikh, Galib Tamboli, J.P. Tonde and S.P. Mahajan
23. Shortest Confindence Interval for the Mean of an Exponential Distribution : A Comparative Study – Dr. Sangita Birajdar
24. Simplified Solution to Design DFA, that Accept Strings Over {a,b} Having at Least x Number of ‘a’ or y Number of ‘b’ Common between TWO Condition – Prof. Nilima Shingate and Mr. Pradip Shingate
25. Single Node Cluster for Big Data Processing using Hadoop – Nadaf Farzana, Shaikh Farhat and Khushboo Azmi
26. Study of Security Issues in Public Clouds – Mrs. Aparna D. Khade
27. Study of Smart Traffic Signal to Reduce Pollution and Fuel Wastage Due to Idling of Vehicles at Intersection – J.P. Tonde, S.P. Mahajan and A.G. Choure
28. The Internet of Things : IoT Applications and Security Challenges – Prof. Geetika Parmar
29. Use of Fuzzy in Wireless Sensor Networks – A.G. Choure, J.P. Tonde and Dr. B.T. Jadhav
30. Web Data Mining for Designing of Healthy Eating System – Anupama V. Alagannawar, Vidya Singh and Swapna S. Kulkarni
31. E-Business : The Impact on Business Environment – Ms. Shilpa D. Kolhe
32. E-Commerce Literature to Determine the Meaning of the Term ‘Business Model’ : A Review – Mr. Vikas Nana Mahandule
33. E-diagnostic is Need for E-patients with Request to Attitude, Gender and Education – Ms. Archana T. Bhise, Dr. Archana A. Ghatule and Dr. Arjun P. Ghatule
34. Impact of Technology and e-Business Applications Economy on Future Occupational Mix – Prof. Mangesh Mahadeo Bhople


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