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Emerging Trends in Finance and Banking


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The fast changing volatile and dynamic financial landscape is creating a new set of environment for the companies and forcing the practitioners and researchers to develop new insights adopt the changes at a fast pace than before. This book discusses some of the emerging trends in the area of finance and banking.

This current book entitled Emerging Trends in Finance and Banking discusses various emerging trends in finance and banking. The book contains sixteen articles and is divided into four parts.

The first part is Emerging Trends in Financial Inclusion contains five chapters covering the discussions on financial inclusion, role of NGOs in financial inclusion and rural economy and financial inclusion in Indian perspective.

The second part of the book Emerging Trends in Banking contains six chapters covering the discussion on performance evaluation of Indian banks, Islamic banking, rural banking and comparative study of public and private banks.

The third part of the book contains two chapters on Emerging Trends in Microfinance covering the discussion on microfinance and role of technology in microfinance.

The fourth part of the book contains three chapters on Emerging Trends in Insurance and Accounting covering discussions on process design of health insurance, post office role in microfinance and XBRL.

All the chapters contained in the book are application-oriented and therefore will provide useful guidance to the practitioners as much as thy will to the researchers.

Contents :

Emerging Trends in Financial Inclusion
1. Financial Inclusion: Emerging Trends
Umesh Kumar Singh
2. Recent Trends in Financial Inclusion
Vishal Jain
3. Role of NGOs in Financial Inclusion
Jadhav B.S.
4. Financial Inclusion in India − Current Scenario
Siddhartha Rawat, Dr. Amit Gautam
5. Financial Inclusion and Rural Economy: An Efficiency Study of RRBs
Moid U. Ahmad
Emerging Trends in Banking
6. Measuring the Performance of Banks: An Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process Model
Eliza Sharma
7. Profitable Models for Financial Inclusion
Dr. Atul Bansal
8. Estimating Efficient Profitability Ratios of Banking Sector in India: A Financial Econometric Approach
Richa Mathur, Sanjay Kr. Garg
9. Islamic Banking − An Emerging Banking Model
Dr. Badiuddin Ahmed, S. Nayamath Basha, Shaik Abdul Mazeed
10. Analysing Productivity of Rural Branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) in India: A Move towards Financial Inclusion
Dr. Aparna Bhatia, Megha
11. Service Quality Measurement − A Comparative Study of Public Sector and Public Sector in Banks of UP
Dr. Mhd. Anees, Dr. Ashish Sonker, Ms. Rakhi Sonker
12. A Study of Financial Performance Analysis of Indian Banking Sector
Dr. P.S. Vohra
Emerging Trends in Microfinance
13. Role of Microfinance in Development of Micro and Small Enterprises in India with Special Reference to Capital Region of Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Vivekanand Pandey
14. Role of Technology in Micro-credit Accessibility
Dr. Nazia Jamal
Emerging Trends in Insurance and Accounting
15. Process Design of Healthcare Insurance in National Insurance Company Limited (India) and Analyzing Role of TPAs
Abhay Kumar Srivastava
16. Post-economic Reforms Strategies of LIC of India
Ms. Prarthana Shahi
17. XBRL: An Evaluation of the Current Impacts, Issues and Future Reporting Directions in Reference of India
Mukesh Agarwal, Dr. Shailendra Singh Bhadouria, Dr. Sarika Agarwal, Dr. Shilpi Singh Bhadouria


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