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Ok…Why in this whole world is a 17-year-old girl publishing a book of Poetry, or a book at all. Why is she even bothering writing this stuff at all? Well, if you must know, this is me. This book. The pages you’re going to see next. Certain words you might relate to. The sentences that catch your eye and might stay in your mind for years and years till they inspire you to make something of your own to share. This book is about me. No, it IS me. The spine is my spine. The pages and cover are my protection. My medicine from a world of disease, my warm fire in the roaring wind, and the clothes that cover the real me that you will discover when you undress this book. So, this book is only for that small number of people. That number may get larger as people read it, if they read it. But for now, it’s for the people who care enough to actually get to know who I am. A small, little girl, who lives in a big city, and who is trying to find herself in an even bigger world. I don’t want this book being read for the courteous fact that you might have heard of me somewhere, or if someone asked you to read it as a favour. Don’t read this because I am this person’s daughter or this person’s student or a distant friend. Even if you’re family, and you feel like you know who I am, you don’t have to read it if you think you know me well enough. This book is meant to reach out to people who didn’t have a voice, who still don’t have a voice, and who feel like you will never have a voice. This book is me reaching out to all the quiet people who sat in the cafeteria with their faces behind a book, who spend their Friday and Saturday nights in their room instead of at parties. Because that was me. My book could be your mirror, and all its reflections are the flaws that could turn out to be in fact your most beautiful features. I was objectified, bullied, cast out. My pages were tearing and my leather cover was shedding apart piece by piece and it reached the point where even some words had fallen out, the ink had smudged and spread, there were solecisms and errors in the spelling and the punctuation and grammar were all over the place. Then I changed. What a powerful sentence. I CHANGED. Don’t mislead yourself. I didn’t change who I was for anyone else. To be quite frank, I didn’t change who I was. I changed the way I treated myself. The way they treated me. Standing in the corner taking all the doubt and negativity in just caught me off guard till I actually opened my eyes and dodged all the bullets that came after. Then I let out all my feelings. And they’re all right here. Right on the flip side (pun intended). This was my way to success. And I don’t mean money or that gush of popularity that I longed for years. I meant happiness. I changed my environment because it may have not been good for me, who knows now, it’s in my near past. I’M SO HAPPY NOWWWWW. And I need everyone to feel that. To have the opportunity to be completely confident and content with who you are. The second you’re happy, you make other people happy. The second you open up. The closer you get to someone. And the second you take a stand. You change your life for the better. So, make a choice right now. Don’t read this whole book because someone told you to. Read it because you WANT to. Because it’s something you’re interested in. Because it has the chance to make you happy. That’s exactly why I wrote this book. If that’s what you were wondering anyway…


Contents –

1. A Different Perspective
2. English
3. Hopes and Dreams
4. Let the Lion Roar
5. The Helms of War
6. Trust to Betrayal
7. Unlike Some
8. Believe
9. Permutation
10. Perception like Illusion
11. Double Pay
12. Iron in the Fire
13. Bullseye
14. At Last!
15. Get on With It
16. The Steps You Took
17. Suffocating
18. Who Knew?
19. We Set it Ablaze
20. The Time Piece
21. Band-aid
22. Wabi-Sabi
23. Expiration
24. Flipside
25. Insomniac
26. The Pain of Healing
27. Dreams
28. A Writer
29. Fast Forward
30. Am I a Disney Princess?
31. Light-bulb!
32. Ruin
33. Oy, you!
34. Déjà Vu
35. Let it Out
36. Hair
37. A Smile in a Cage
38. Shenanigans
39. Languorous
40. Cynical
41. Ostentatious
42. Deep in Thought
43. Keraunophobia
44. Poker Face
45. Wedlock


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