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Financial Accounting – I (Tumkar Uni)


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There are two types of graduates − those who have learnt “how to learn” and those who have learnt “how to think”. Universities have considered introduction of Semester System to facilitate “thinking and application skills”. The Semester System provides sufficient time for a student to learn the entire width and depth of any topic, making him remain more focussed and acquire specialised knowledge. Further, the new system has provided for “Skill Development” which could enable practical knowledge of the subjects. Keeping this under consideration, this book provides guidance for development of the required skills, in the prescribed areas.

This book “Financial Accounting-I” is prepared for the syllabus requirements of First Semester B.Com. of Tumkur University.

Being student friendly is the unique feature of this book. The subject matter has been presented systematically, which can enable the reader to master the topics covered, without any additional guidance. Most later provisions have been incorporated in this book.


Book Content of Financial Accounting – I

Chapter 1 − Introduction to Accounting 

Chapter 2 − Amalgamation of Firms 

Chapter 3 − Sale of Partnership to a Limited Company 

Chapter 4 − Hire Purchase System 

Chapter 5 − Instalment Purchase System 

Chapter 6 − Royalty Accounts

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B. Mariyappa,

Dr. S. Anil Kumar,

Dr. V. Rajesh Kumar


Himalaya pub