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Food and Microbes


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This book is written with a view to discuss Food Microbiology in detail. The book discusses under several topics relation of food and microbes, role of micro-organisms in preparation of several food items, spoilage of different food items by micro-organisms, preservation of food from attacking micro-organisms causing spoilage and diseases which are associated with contaminated foods. THe book promises to be extremely useful to Undergraduate and Post-graduate students of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Medical, B. Tech and Hotel Management.


Contents –

Part – I: Micro-Organisms and Food
1. Micro-organisms Important in Food Microbiology
2. Conditions Required for Growth of Microbes in Food
Part – II: Food Preservation
3. Preservation by using Temperature
4. Preservation by Drying
5. Preservation by using Radiation
6. Preservation by Adding Chemicals/Additives
7. Preservation byCanning
Part – III: Role of Micro-Organisms in Food Preparation
8. Fermented Foods Produced by Micro-organisms
9. Single Cell Protein
10. Enzymes Produced by Micro-organisms used in Food Microbilogy
Part – IV: Spoilage of Food
11. Food Contamination and Spoilage
12. Spoilage of Fruits and Vegetables
13. Spoilage of Meat and Meat Products
14. Spoilage of Fish and Shellfish
15. Spoilage of Poultry and poultry Products
16. Spoilage of Milk and Milk Products
17. Spoilage of Heated Canned Foods
Part – V Contamination of Food and Diseases
18. Food Borne Diseases
19. Bacterial Food Borne Diseases
20. Non-Bacterial Food Borne Diseases


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