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Foundation Course – II


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Human values is a very relevant subject of today’s environment of conflicts and stress in the profession, with obligations to be met by one person in many directions. A formal study will certainly improve one’s ability and judgement and refine one’s behaviour, decisions, and actions in performing the duty to the family, organisation, and to the society.

This book amply covers the revised syllabus of Mumbai University for Bachelor of Commerce Accounting and Finance Second Year. Besides the Values and the Individual, Values and Society, Professional Values of Indian Societies, Role of Social Institutions in Value Formation, and Soft Skill for Effective Interpersonal Communication have been added to sustain the interest of the students. We believe the student community and the teaching fraternity will enjoy using this book. The students may even refer this book in their professional career and development.

We thank all the authors whose study, research, and reports have kindled our interest in writing this book. Our thanks are due for the ready response shown by the respondent in providing us the particulars on their Codes.


Contents –

1. Values and the Individual
2. Values and the Society
3. Professional Values
4. Role of Social Institutions in Value Formation
5. Soft Skill for Effective Interpersonal Communication


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Dr. M.B. Madlani,

Dr. Neelam Yadav,

Dr.Nishikant Jha


Himalaya pub