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Global Business Environment and its impact on Management Education


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There are 200 articles submitted by knowledgeable authors dealing with various aspects of the subject under consideration. Narration of the preface itself is not an easy proposition yet in general they deal with the impact of globalization on corporate cultures, knowledge, education and training, relationship between IR, locus of control and emotional intelligence, change, HR practices, retail revolution and evolution of malls, impact on human resource management, retailing, management education, problem and solutions and almost all that matters needed to be carefully looked into.

This presentation recommends itself well to the interested.

Contents :

1. Impact of Globalization on Corporate Cultured – Dr. T. Afsar Basha
2. Impact of Globalization in knowledge, Education and Training in the Information Age – N. Akbar Jan
3. Empirical Analysis of Factoring Services – With a Special Reference to SSI Units in Tamilnadu – V. Anbu
4. A Study on the Relationship Between I-R locus of Control and Emotional Intelligence – Dr. R. Venkatapathy & D. Anbugeetha
5. Nothing is Permanent; Only Change is Permanent – A View on Globalization and Management Education in India – Aneesh A.S. and Ajesh Kumar P.S.
6. Impact of HR Practices and Challenges Globally – Annie Christy Beulah J. and Yogambai N.
7. Global Retail Revolution with the Evolution of Malls: A Study with Special Reference to Chennai – D. Anuradha
8. Impact of Globalization on Human Resource Management – D. Anusharani and N. Sathyabama
9. Role of Management Education and Training in the Era of Post Globalization. – Dr. D. Appala Raju and Dr. P. Sree Devi
10. Employee Branding – A New Mantra of Employee Retention in the Indian Corporate – Dr. R. Sivarethnamohan and P. Aranganathan
11. Impact of Retailing Industry in India – M. Aravind
12. Management Education – Current Issues and Emerging Trends – Dr. M. Arumugam
13. Globalisation, Outsourcing and Human Resource Management – R. S. Arun
14. Work Stress Among Employee of Banking Sector in India – S. Aruna
15. Globalisation and Marketing Ethics: Problems and Solutions – C. Arunachalam and Dr. M. Akbar Mohideen
16. Rural Telecom and Marketing Network in India – J. Arunachalam
17. Work Life Balancing: Strategies and Practices of Indian Corporates – Aruna Rani N. and Zabiulla
18. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – K. Ashaa and K. Sivanandaa Devi
19. Impact of Globalisation on Financial Management for Developing Countries – P. Bala Subbulakshmi
20. Impact of Globalisation on Technology Management – B. Balaji Sreenivasan and K.V. Hariharan
21. Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource Management – G. Balamurugan and P. Christina Subakya
22. Study on Impact of Globalization on Marketing Environment with Special Reference to Mobile Phones in Kanchipuram Town – R. Baskaran and C. Sonia
23. Globalization vis-à-vis India’s Foreign Trade – A Study – T. Chandrabai and T. bharthi
24. Globalization and the Changing Face of Human Resource Management – Bharath Kumar M. and Miritha M.
25. Globlization: Its Impact on Lobour Relationship in india, Bhavani – Temil Selven
26. Social Networking and the Relationship of Management Professors and Students – M. Bhoopal and P. Vimalanathan
27. Impact of Globalization on Indian Steel Industry – Dr. K. Maruthamuthu S. and S. Boobalan
28. Performance of Scheduled Commercial Banks in the Wake of Globalization – Empirical Evidence From Banks in India, – Dr. K. Brindha
29. Impact of Globalization on Human Resource Management – N. Chandrasekar
30. An EOQ Model with Exponentially Increasing Deman – Under Two Levels of Storage – Dr. B. Chandrasekhara Reddy and Dr. Ranganatham G.
31. Challenges and Trends in Supply Chain Management in Global Competitive Environment – V.S. Chauhan, Vijaya Bhaskar K. and Bhaskar Rao
32. Work-Life Balance – A study Among Teaching Professionals – Chitra Devi and Dr. S. Sheela Rani
33. Measurement of study Chain Performance in india Industries: A Survey – S. Danill Rathinaraj and Dr. C. Chendrorayaperumall
34. HRM Issues and Challenges in Global Markets – R. Dharmaraj Bharthi and Dr. M Akbar Mohideen
35. Understanding Citizenges Behaviour Among Small Town School Teachers in a Globalized Education Scenario – Deepa Francis M. and K.N. Jayakumar
36. The Role of Management Development in Learning Organisation – K.V. Deepak and Dr. Aisha M. Sheriff
37. Organised Retalling in Keraoa: A Study on Customers Shopping Experience in the Era fo Globalization – Devika L. and K. Sasikumar
38. Impact of Globalization on Management Education– S. Dhayanithi and Dr. D. M. Navarasu
39. The Roll of Consumer Behaviour in Modern Retailing – Dhivya Sathish and Dr. D. Venkatrama Raju
40. Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) – Eswara Reddy and Dr. M. Remesh
41. Impact of Globalization on Marketing Management – A. Elangoven and G. Preetha
42. Financial Performance of Coir Industrial Cooperative Society in Salen Region – B. Gandhimathy and S. Rajendran
43. Global Investment in Indian Stock Market – L. Ganesamoorthy and L.Jagadeesan
44. Implementation of Kaizen in Indian Automobile Industries – M. Ganesh and Dr. C. Chendroyaperumal
45. Impact of Globalization on Customer Relationship Management – Genesh B. and K. Sasikumar
46. A Study on Impact of Globalization of Outsourcing in Human Resource Management – P. Geetharani, S. Kavitha and P. Gowi
47. Professionalization of Management in Urban Cooperative Banks of Vellore District – E. Gnanasekaran, N. Abdul Nazar and Dr. M. Anbalagan
48. Foreign Direct Investment inflows in India – An Overview – Dr. A. Elangovan P. Govindan
49. Liquidity Management in NLC LTD., Novelize, – A. Govindarajan and Dr. R. Thamil Selvan
50. Impact of Globalization on Financial Management – K. Gowri and Vinikumar P.S.
51. Impact of Globalization on System Management – Harish
52. Impact of Globalization on Management Education in India – Indrani Neglur
53. Impact of Globalization on Diversity Management – Y. Irshad Ahmed
54. Globalization and Opportunities: Rural Women Empowerment through Self-help Groups– Dr. N. Jamuna Rani
55. Higher Education in the Era of Globalization – Dr. N. Jamuna Rani and M. Sheikkhhaliba
56. Globalization – A Driver the Development of India Capital Market – R. Jayaraman and M.S. Ramantham
57. A Study on the Implications and Impact of Globalization – with Special Reference to Indian Business – Dr. P. Jegatheeswari and R. Nagaraj
58. CRM – Platform of Emergence in Banking Industry after the Globalization – M. John Paul and Dr. S. Muthumani
59. A Study on the Variables Influencing Consumers of Coffee Vending Machines (With Special Reference to Chennai City Only) – T.R. Kalai Lakshmi and Dr. S.S. Rau
60. Current Status of Globalization of Management Education – G. Kalaimani
61. Effects of Financial Globalization in Developing Countries with Special Reference on India.– Dr. A. Kannan, S. Ramprakash and R.R. Senthilraj
62. Responsive HRM – A New Approach to Globalization – S. Krthikeyan, S.G. Aparna and V. Satheesh Kumar
63. Impact of IT in Global Business Managemen t– P. Kadhirvelu
64. Globalization of Human Resource _ Challenges and issue – Koruthiga Shankaranand
65. Impact of Globalization in Human Resource Management – B. Kishori and M. Ramya
66. Impact of Globalization on Indian Retail Industry – With Special Reference to Super Markets in Chennai City – K. Kolanjiyammal
67. Impact of Globalization on Education – Dr. K. Krishnakumar and P. Baby
68. The Impact of Economic, Environment of Globalization on Indian Economy – Dr. K. Krishnakumar and P. Siva
69. Financial Debt Market in India – An Overview – M. Krishnamoorthi and P. Siva
70. Impact of Managerial Style on Organisation Effectiveness – Krishnapriya V. and Dr. Amuthalakshmi
71. Impact of Globalization on Educational Management through Communication and Information Technology – S. Kumaraperumal and M. Pradeepa
72. Globalization and Its Impact on study Chain Management – S. Lakshmi and Dr. M. Akbar Mohideen
73. Globalization and The Changing Face of Human resource Management – Dr. M. Latha Natrarjan
74. Impact of Globalization on Financial Management – K. Logeshwari and N.M. Saravanan
75. Impact of Globalization on the Organised Retail Sector – A Snapshot on Private Label Brands (PLBs) – K.R. Mahalaxmi and C. Thirumai Azhagan
76. Globalization in India and Impact of Globalization on Marketing Management – M. Malathi and Dr. P.K. Muthappan
77. Women Expatriates – Dr. Senthil and Dr. P.K. Muthappan
78. A Management Educational Model to Develop the 21st Century ‘Corporte Sustainability leaders’ – Dr. V.R. Palanivelu and R. Manavazhagan
79. Impact of Globalisation on Branding Strategies for Healthcare Organisation – K. Mahivannan
80. Marketing Practices of Self-help group Production in the Rea of Globalisation – A Study R. Meena Kumari and Dr. S. Muthumani
81. A Conceptual Model for Human Resource Information System in the Globalised Era – Dr. M. Meenakshi Saratha, D Mahesh and Dr. B. Sudhakar
82. Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource Management – P. Meenakshi Saratha, D. Mahesh and Dr. B. Sudhakar
83. Internet Usage Among Female Research Scholars – Mintu Joy and D. V. Nithyanandan
84. Impact of Globalisation on business and Management Education – G. Mohan Raj and R. Renuka Devi
85. Impact of Globalisation on Indian Commercial Banks (An Empirical Study with Respect to Customer Service in Tiruvannamalai District) – M. Murugan and Dr. S.A. Senthil Kumar
86. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – N.A. Murugayal
87. Changing Roles of HR Managers in the Globalised Business – Lessons from Abroad – N. Murugayal
88. Impact of Globalisation in Human Resource Managemen – S. Parthasarthy and M. Muthukumaran
89. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – S. Muthumari
90. Impact of Globalisation in Banking Sector – Neville C. Pradeep
91. HR Challenges in the Past and Present – A Study with Reference to Organisation Operating in Bangalore– Nila Chotai and Dr. Usha Devi N.
92. Collective Bargaining: It’s Impact on Globalisation – Mr. N. Nirmalkumar, Dr. N. Panchanathem and J. Bhavani
93. Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training Over Emotional Competency Among Software Professionals – Nithya Sankar and Dr. S.S. Rau
94. CSR in the Era of Globalisation – Impact on Developing Countries with Special Reference to India – M. Palani
95. Employees Socialisations and Organisational Culture – P. Parthiban and Dr. G. Veeramani
96. Flow of Foreign Direct Investment Across Various Sectors in India – Preethi Sheshadri and Dr. S. Sheela Rani
97. Employee Engagement: Value Proposition of Corporates – Dr. J. Padmini and Dr. Radha Ganesh Kumar
98. Impact of E-Business on Global Marketing with special Reference to M-Commerce – Dr. J. Padmini and Dr. Radha Genesh Kumar
99. Impact of Globalisation on International Business – Dr. S. Radhika
100. The Impact of Global Marketing Trends and the Emergence of Innovation Marketing Channel Mix in Indian Markets with Special Reference to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) – V. Ramanathan and Dr. S. Rajamohan
101. Pervasive Nature of Communication – Dr. N. Rajendhiran and R. Ramesh
102. Impact of Globalisation on Logistic Marketing Management – M. Ravichandran and M. Vignesh
103. Impact of Globalisation on Marketing Management – B. Ravikumar
104. Financial Management of Globalisation of Development Countries – Revathi
105. Quality of Working Life Among Private Government Teachers – J. Parameswari, Sajitha. U. and S. Kadhiravan
106. Impact of Globalisation in on the Indian Manufacturing – Dr. K. Krishnakumar and V. Selvam
107. Impact of Globalisation in Human Resource Management Practicces in India – P. Salanikumar and Dr. M. Akbar Mohideen
108. CSR Practices Among the SMES – Dr. V.R. Palanivelu and R. Sankar Ganesh
109. Indian Management Education in the Globalization Regime – Sankha Suvra Sanyal and Subrata Ray
110. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – Dr. T. Sarathy and N. Saravanadevi
111. The Impact of Globalisation on Food Marketing – Saravana Mahesan
112. The Implications of Globalisation on Inflation in India – I. Sarumathi
113. Impact of Globalistion in Human Resource Management – Sasikala M.S.
114. Impact of Mergers and Application in Shareholder Value Creation – Dr. R. Satish and K. Murali Krishan
115. Human Obsolescence Management through HRD: As a Total Sub-system – J. Selvakumar
116. Impact of Globalisation on Financial Service Sector – S. N. Selvaraj and V. Ramadevi
117. A Empirical Analyses on Production and Marketing of Turmeric in Erode Distric – C. Senthill Kumar and Dr. L. Manivannan
118. Impact of Globalisation on Ornamental Gold Jewellery Market in India – A. Senthill Raghaven and K. Karthik
119. Recent Developments in International Business Under Globalisation – Dr. N. Senthikumar
120. Managing Quality in Business Education – Yabesh Abraham Durairaj and S. Senthil Kumar 121. Impact of Globalisation in Human Resource Management with Special Reference to Recruitment – N.C. Senthil Nathan and R. Baskaran
122. Globalisation and the Changing Face of Human Resource Management in India – Dr. N.K. Shanmugam
123. Development Employability Skills in Management Education – A global Perspective Study on the Expirations of Corporate Clients in a New Recruit– Dr. T. Sarathy and Shilpa Gopal
124. Impact of Globalisation on Indian Primary and Higher Education – Simeon S. Simon and G. Dilip James Christian
125. Globalisation: Impact on Indian Management Education – Dr. K. Sivakumar
126. Impact of Globalisation on HR – Dr. Ch.Bala Nageswara Rao, Sivambiga A and Gomathiepriya
127. Self-help Groups, A Micro Revolution that Helps Indian Banking Sector for More Inclusive Grouth – M. Sivaubramanian
128. Global Marketing and it’s Strategies – K. Soniya, R. Lalitha and T. Arthika
129. Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility – Sridharan
130. A Study on Knowledge Sharing in Self-finance Engineering College in and Around Chennai – R. Sridharan, Dr. M. Sakhivel Murugan and Dr. A. R. Aryasri
131. Employee Morale and Productivity of CSR – V. R. Palanivelu and T. Srividhya
132. Study on Impact of Globalisation on Marketing of FMCG-Cosmetic Product in India – L. Subburaj and Dr. C. Muthuvelautham
133. The Impact of Globalisation and Human Capacity Building – A. K. Subramani
134. Quality in Business Education – Indian Context and International Engagements – Sudipto Bhattacharyas
135. Impact of Globalisation on HR – Suji Mathew
136. Opportunities and Challenges of Globalisation on Higher Education in India – A. Sugirtha Rani and R. Sundarraj
137. Impact of Globalisation on International Business Management – Dr. Ch. Bala Nageswara Rao and Sundari Suresh
138. Modren Trends and Practices in HR For Global Excellence – N. Surekha and D. Sudhakar
139. Opportunites and Challenges of Information Technology in Banking – Dr. D. Janagam and Suresh. B
140. Impact of Globalisation on India Financial Services Industry – P. Suresh and Dr. M. Akbar Mohideen
141. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education and Human Resource Management – Dr. J. Senthil Velmurugan and S. Susila
142. Emerging Trends in Global Information System Management and its Application – R. Swapnakumari and S. Sakthitharan
143. Deepening the Globalisation in India B-Schools – G. Jawaharr Babu, Aishwarya Jose and Tamil Selvi
144. A Comparative Study of computerization in Public and Private Sector Banks – A. Tamilarasu
145. The Impact of Globalisation and Information Technology on the Strategy and Profitability of the Banking Industry – Dr. M. Thiyagarajan
146. Impact of Globalisation on HR Practices – M. Umasankar and N. Gayathri
147. Impact of Globalisationon the Garment Exporter in Tirupur – D. Senthil Kumar and dr. Vaishali C. Mahajan
148. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education in India – Dr. V. Ramanujam and S. Vaishanavi
149. Measurement of SERVQUAL – An Empirical Analysis in Retail Banking Sector – H. Vasanthakumari and Dr. S. Sheela Rani
150. Financial Management of Globalistion of Developing Countries – R. Vasudevan
151. Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management in Globalised Era – Dr. A. Velanganni Joseph and A. Vanitha
152. Impact of Globalistion in International Business Markets – P. Vennila and R. Radhika
153. Takent Acquistion and Role of Management Education in India – K. Vidyakala, V. Subha, and K. Nithvakala
154. Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource Management – Vidhya M. and Rojammal
155. Employee Retention Plays a key Role in Human Resource Management – Dr. Balanagagurnuathan and V. Vijayalakshmi
156. Macro Prudntial Supervisiion in the Open Economy, and the Role of Central Banks in Emerging Markets – P. Vinoth Raj
157. Environment Challenges Under Globalistion – P. Vinoth and Dr.C Nirmala
158. Workforce Diversity: Changing Role of organizational Strategies – Vishnu Nath V.G
159. Rural Marketing: Challenges in Distribution and Channel Management – Dr. A. Elangovan and S. Yazhini
160. Impact of IT in Service Sector Management – R. Bhuvaneswari
161. The Impact of Support on Roll of Conflict of Employed Women in IT Sector in Chennai – Dr. S.S. Rao and Aiswarya Ramasundaram
162. Impact of Globalisation with Reference to HRM – R. Viswanathann, P. Senthilil Kumar, A. Saranyaya and M. Dhanasekarar
163. Evaluating a Training Development Program in Globalisation Environment – Dr. T. Sarathy and C. Silambarasan
164. Impact of Globalisation on Financial Management – U. Punitha
165. A Study To Improve Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB) in Textile Garment Industries – C. Vankateswaran and R. Vijaylakshime
166. Impact of Knowledge Management in Management Education – A Global Scenrio – D.S.B. Balaji Shah
167. Impact of Globalisation on Banking Industry – S.P. Dhandayuthapani and T. Pratheeba
168. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Manager Level Training and Development in Manufacturing Industry in Krishnagiri District – B. N. Sivakumar
169. Recruitment Policy of Higher Education System in India – S.M. Dhana Sundareswaran
170. IFRSs – An Qverview – Dr. A. Vinayagamoorthy and K. Senthilkumar
171. An Overview of Employee’s Engagement in Indian Workplace – Dr. G. Barani and Vanitha
172. Job Satisfaction of Secondary Grade School Tearchers – C. Rajathi
173. Challenges in Human Resource Management – Krishnapriva, S.
174. Impact on Globalisation in Human Resource Management – Deepakkumar
175. Asel II – Impact on Development Contrives – S. Poongavanam and R. Vinoth Kumar
176. An Analysis on Strategies of Marketing Tourism and the Implementation of New Innovative in the District of Coimbatore – A. Antony Kerlin Vinoliya and C. Dhayanand
177. Women Empowerment through Self-help Group – Dr. V.R. Palanivelu and M. Arivalagan
178. Personality and Resilience of Management Graduates – U. Baskaran and S. Kadhiravan
179. Telicommunication Marketing: A Boon – R. Cheliyan
180. Higher Education in the Era of Globalistion – Dr. B Jayavel and M. Bharath
181. Global Platform through Compatible Learning for Compatible Employability – B. J. Geetha
182. The Change of Financial Environment and the Evolvement of Financial Goals – M. Banumathi and Dr. C. Samudhraajakumar
183. Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource Management – Dr. J. Senthil Velmurugan and S. Mahalakshmi
184. Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior: Towards Indian Youth – Dr. R. Mary Metilda and Anushya K.
185. Quality of Work Life a Pool For Employee’s Welfare – Dr. P. Vikkraman and R. Myilvahana
186. “Make ‘Ethics and Value’ as a Mandatory Cource for the Managements Programmes – Today’s Environment Urges This!” – Prof. C. K. Kotravel Bharathi
187. Impact of Globalisation on Indian Financial Industry – Dr. R. Rathidevi
188. Celebrating Women in Management – Prof. S. Mangala Ethaiya Rani
189. Good Ethics is Good Management – Dr. V. Sangeetha
190. Impact of Globalisation in India – S. Saravanakumar and Dr. C. Samudharajakumar
191. Impact of Globalisation Over Indian Rural Marketing – S. Sathish Kumar
192. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics – Dr. V.R. Palanivelu and D. Senthil Kumar
193. Impact of Globalisation on Human Resource Management – G. Shenbagaveni
194. English in the Globalishing Era – K. Sindhu
195. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education in India – V. Umamaheswari
196. Current Trends in Banking – Dr. S. Usha
197. Impact of Globalisation on Indian Posral Service T. Asothai
198. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – Dr. V.R. Palanivelu and R. Balamurugan
199. Impact of Globalisation on Management Education – S. Chandra Sekaran and M. Rajkumar
200. An Empirical Study on Preference towarda Preethi Mixer Grinder with Special Reference to Erode (DT) – V. Sugumar


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