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HR Practices in Public Sector Organisations (A Study on APDDCF Ltd.)


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Writing this book on Human Resource Management (HRM) on Public Sector Organizations has been a great and exciting voyage. It all started during the process of searching for a book for my research in the field of Human Resource Management. The book we were using at that time was of high quality; however, the authors of that specific human resource (HR) book did not pay sufficient attention to the research context, for example, reflected in the role of public sector organizations, and there were no dairy industry case studies or illustrations. I was hoping to find a new HRM book paying more explicit attention to the institutional context and people management issues, preferably with dairy industry and its reforms in Indian context.

The latter is important for the reading audience who are often confronted with a selection of Indian cases with special reference to public sector organizations. It would be interesting also to highlight important lessons from public sector organizations such as VIJAYA, APDDC. Unfortunately, there was no such book available on the market. Discussing this issue with representatives of Himalaya Publishing House was the starting point for writing this book. I hope you enjoy reading and studying it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Book Content of HR Practices in Public Sector Organisations (A Study on APDDCF Ltd.)
  1. Introduction to HRM
  2. Company Profile
  3. Data Tabulation and Analysis − Executives
  4. Data Tabulation and Analysis − Non-executives
  5. Analysis of Proportions − Executives and Non-executives
  6. Research Findings

    • Questionnaire
    • Employee Performance Appraisal Sheet
    • Organisational Strucuture

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