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HRM in Global Perspective (Mumbai Univ)


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This book Human Resource Management in Global Perspective is written keeping in mind the current global HR scenario. This edition has been prepared making current, relevant research come alive for students. Author has maintained its hallmark features – clear writing, cutting edge content and compelling pedagogy. The book has been divided into 16 chapters with case studies and exhibits from different global scenario. The book has been written for management students and practicing managers.

Though there exists many books on human resource management, this book has its unique approach and focus. All the concepts have been discussed in detail with strategies and its impact. The book also covers case studies and exhibits to enable the reader think beyond and give the reader a feel of real-life situation.


Contents –

Unit I : International HRM – An Overview
1. Introduction to International HRM
2. Organizational Dynamics
Unit II : Global HRM Functions
3. Global HRM Functions
4. International Recruitment and Selection
5. International Compensation
6. HRM Perspective in Training and Development
7. International Performance Management
8. International Industrial Relations
Unit III : Managing Expatriation and Repatriation
9. Overview of PCNs, TCNs and HCNs Concepts
10. Expatriates – Issues and Family
11. Repatriation Causes
12. Repatriation Process and Challenges
Unit IV : International HRM Trends and Challenges
13. Emerging Trends in International HRM
14. Ethical Practices in Business
15. Managing International Projects and Teams
16. IHRM and Virtual Organizations


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Booma Halpeth,

Dr. Rajeesh Viswanathan,

Dr. Satinder Gujral,

Veena Prasad


Himalaya pub