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Hypnosis in Education


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Whith great hesitation, the book has been brought out by the author. An honest attempt is made here to bring HYPNOSIS in close relation to EDUCATION.

Many people have a fear for the Word ‘hypnosis’, Hence, the entire Part 1 of this book is concerned with chapters on ‘HISTORY OF Hypnosis’, Induction of Trance’, etc. Wherein, it has also been shown here how the techniques of hypnosis can be applied to the field of education.

Further, the author has indicated as to how hypnosis is useful for sports, for reducing different stresses of adolescents, for the cure of stammerers and stutterers, for the development of children’s creativity, etc. in the respective chapters.

In fact hypnosis happens to be a part of clinical Psychology and a case of exaggerated suggestion. Therefore, all Question about ‘How’, ‘why’, ’Where’, When’ of hypnosis have been tackled in this book in the most convincing manner. However, the major goal of the book has been to focus on the educational and class room strategies. In a nutshell, it is almost a sort of treatment and also an advise to teachers as well as parents.

It is really a challenging task to deal with the anxiety –stricken children and instill in them the right attitude, skill, personality traits, etc. Therefore certain chapters have been dealt with the description of relaxation techniques for the varieties of problems of children.

The simple and lucid language used in the book, not only attracts the attention of the readers but the entire content matter has become very much easy to understand even for layman.



PART 1: Introduction
PART 2: Suggestion
PART 3: Treatment
PART 4: Child and Hypnosis
PART 5: Yoga and Hypnosis
PART 6: General
PART 7: Experiments
PART 8: Concluding Remarks
PART 9: Appendix


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