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Indian Americans


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The book is a historical study of the process of migration and the various strategies adopted by Indians in order to be integrated and accultured in to the new environment, i.e., the United States. In the process of migration, Indians carried with them a culture which they have maintained over the centuries in the US. Several indicators of Indian culture are visible like the temple societies and religious organisations which not only retain Indian culture but are also instrumental in passing it on to the new generations which may have never experienced India. Indian music, dance, yoga and cinema are also some of the indicators of the presence of Indianess in America. A Whole new genre of diasporic writers and film makers are also contributing in preserving `Indianess` in a foreign land. The book traces the significance of the religious, ethnic-cultural movements of the Indian Americans and Proves how this has created an interest for Indian culture abroad. Indian Americans are aware of the politics of a pluralistic society, and act as a pressure group and are increasing participation of the community in the political process of America has been discussed. The book thus historically traces the evolution of this community from a small and political group to a politically and socially well-established part of American society. This book attempts to make a comprehensive study of various immigration waves that brought in a large number of Indians into the United States. It also critically examines the various institutions and organisations that were formed in order to help them in safeguarding and furthering their interests in an alien land.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Indian Americans: A Historical Evolution
3. Ideas of Indian Culture in America
4. Identity Formation: Strategies and Associations
5. From the Farm to `The Hill`
6. Conclusion


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Anagha Kamble


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