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Introduction to Journalism (Mumbai Univ)


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This book is intended to be used in courses that are concerned with the study of news, news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, news reporting, editing, etc. The aim of this book is to acquaint the students of journalism with every aspect of it.

At the beginning of the convergence era, there was uproar about the changes that would take place in the media. There is no doubt that Journalism has changed its form, from print media to social media. In this book, I have tried to include almost all the aspects related to journalism, beginning from history of newspapers to the ever changing and evolving online journalism. Today, social media is giving tough competition to the print media, but Indian newspaper industry is still growing and doing better than many western countries. Therefore, students should not lose hope.

After the history and changing forms of journalism, the focus of this book is on different styles of news writing like article, feature, report and editorial writing. In India, mass communication and journalism is still in evolving stage and that applies on study material also. The study material of the subjects like Economics, History, Sociology, etc. is easily available in the book stores, whereas the journalism students find it very difficult to find the up-to-date study material on journalism at one place. Most of the books available on the journalism subject are written by the foreign authors. In this book, I have tried to include the contemporary issues, which are being taken up by the Indian media industry recently.


Contents –

Chapter 1: Changing Face of Journalism
Chapter 2: History of Indian Journalism
Chapter 3: New Media and Citizen Journalism
Chapter 4: News
Chapter 5: Process of News
Chapter 6: News Values
Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Writing – Feature, Article and Editorial
Chapter 8: Elements of a News Story
Chapter 9: Role of Journalism
Chapter 10: Principles of Journalism
Chapter 11: Writing for the Print, Television and Online Journalism
Chapter 12: Jobs in Journalism
Chapter 13: Latest Trends and Issues in Journalism
Chapter 14: Press Council of India


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