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Issues and challenges in Business Management


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During the years since Independence, Indian organization have evolved to adopt and implement management practices adhering to global standards. Today, many Indian organizations have a dynamic presence in industrially advanced countries, Competing with the best-in-class organizations globally. For Indian Companies to sustain their competitive advantage and gain a stronger foothold in the international business scenario, it is imperative for future managers to understand the fundamentals of management clearly and imbibe the essence of Indian business practices, no matter how rational or justified. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, managing innovation effectively has become an essential requirement for staying competitive. Long-term sustainability for a business may be determined by a company’s ability to competently direct innovation resources to address a constantly changing market and economic environment. Innovation management describes the decisions, activities, and practices that move an idea to realization for the purpose of generating business value. It is managing the investment in creating new opportunities for generating customer value that are needed to sustain and grow the business or company. Generally, innovation investment focuses on the development of new products, services, or technologies. However, the types of innovation that can enhance business results go well beyond these, including changes to a company’s business model. Indentifying and making these investments successfully and repeatedly constitutes the key objective of innovation management



1. Cloud Computing Model in Health Care Industry – Dr. Bhupinder Chaudhary and Mrs. Baljit Saini
2. Benefits of Employer Brand Practices in IT Firms : A Discriminati Analysis – Mr. Nagakrishna Pusuluri and Dr. V. Tulasidas
3. Inclusion of Tribes in Comprehensive Growth : A special Reference to CSR as an Tntervention – Dr. Harish Kumar and DR. Sanjay Negijh
4. Issues and Challenges in Business Management – Dr. Shailesh N. Ransariya and Dr. Sanjay J. Bhayani
5. Role of Information Technology in the Management of Globalized Banking Sector – P. Suresh Pandian and Dr. P. Kannadas
6. A Sandy of Corporate Reporting and its Determinants – C.S. Juhi Kohli
7. Skill Assessment and Development with Reference to “Make in India” – Dr. Farzana Gulzar, Nusrat Rashid and Imtiyaz Ahmed
8. The Medical Trash – Dr. S. Tameem Sharief and Nabeel Ahmed
9. Endowing MSME in Electrical Equipment Industry to Meet International Competition – T. Thangamani, Guide: Dr. M. Kamaraj, Co-Guide: Dr. K Maran
10. Effective Customer Relationship Management through Application of Knowledge Management – Prof S.S. Bhushanam
11. e-HRM: Shaping Organization into a Technology Driven Environment – Prof. P. Srinivas Subbarao
12. Role of Banks in Financial Inclusion – Priyanka Gaur
13. Hamm Resource Development in Aviation with Special Reference to Jet Airways – Kapil Shanker Tiwari
14. The Rise of SEZs and Reverse SEZs – S.B. MOhanty
15. Indian Banking Sector: Challenges and Opportunities – Mr. Bharata Bhusan Sahoo and Dr. Artta Bandhu Jena
16. Customer Acceptance of M-commerce: An Investigation – Dr. Ajitabh Dash
17. An Empirical Study on Service Quality Dimensions and Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Industry – Akshaya Kumar Sahoo
18. Green Marketing in India: Challenges and Opportunities – Ms. Alaka Samantaray
19. Issues and Challenges of Financial Inclusion: India’s New Thrust for Development – Dr. Amitabh Nanda and Mr. Debidutta Acharya
20. Incorporaing Technovation in Retail Supply Chain Management to Cultivate Growth Sustainability: Scope and Challenges – Amrita Pani, Mahesh Sharma and Alaka Samantray
21. Talent Retention and Employee Commitment: A Study in Select Commercial Banks, Bhubaneswar – Ms. Bidya Dash and Mr. Anil Kumar Mishra
22. Occupational Mobility and Social Adjustment in Women Entrepreneurs – Dr. Anupama Sharma
23. Investors Attitude towards Investment Avenues — An Evaluation – Dr. Ansuman Sahoo and Dr. Ch. Sudipta Kishore Nanda
24. Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality Industry – Archana Shama
25. Achieving Quality of Excellence in Indian B-Schools through Accreditation and Ranking — An Assessment – Dr. Arunava Narayan Mukherjee
26.Patient’s Perceptions of the Quality of Care at a Large Teaching Hospital of Odisha – Ms. Aurolipy
27. Data Mining Applications – Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra and Dr. Manoranjan Dash
28. Greening the Business: An Integration of Sustainability Strategies with Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility – B. Mishra
29.Corporate Social Responsibility: The Panacea for Business Development – Bandana Nayak
30. Devising a Balanced Scorecard to Determine Punjab National Bank’s Performance: A Case Study – Bhawna Sharma
31. Redefined Small Sized Commercial or Budget Hotels in India: Trends, Issues and Challenges – Dr. Saroj Kanta Biswal and Bikash Kumar Mishr
32. SMSE Financing by Domestic Commercial Banks and its Growth in India: An Analysis of Two Indicators – Dr. Biswajit Prasad Chhatoi
33. Green Marketing and Indian Hotel Industry – Bivas Sarkar
34. A Study on Financialization of Commodity Futures Market in India – Chinmaya Kumar Rout and Prafulla Kumar Swain
35. Study on Sectoral Financial Performances of BSE Sensex Listed Companies in India — A Critical Diagnostic Approach – D. Pradhan and Prof (Dr.) P.K. Swain
36. Sustainable Development through Green Marketing Strategies — Challenges and Opportunities in India – Mr. Debasish Sarkar and Dr. Ayasa Kanta Mohanty
37. Biomedical Waste Management: Adequacy and Awareness among Health Care Professional – Deepa M. Raju and Sujata Mohapatra
38. Rural Financial Inclusion in India: Issues and Challenges – Dharmabrata Mohapatra and Payal Agarwal
39. Transplanting Lean Philosophy into HRM: An Experiential Approach – Dr. Dolly Dolai
40. Evolution of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR: The Indian Perspective – Sushanta Kumar Panda, Dukhabandhu Sahoo and Naresh Chandra Sahu
41. An Empirical Analysis on Sexual Harassment Experiences Faced by Bhutanese Women – Dr. Durlav Sarkar
42. Growth, Performance and Challenges of MSME Sector in Odisha – Dr. Duryodhan Jena
43. Marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Dr. Farzana Gulzar, Samiya Gul and Aiman Fayaz
44. Business Resiliency – Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez and Rebeca Almanza Jimenez
45. Quality of Financial Reporting and Investor Protection: A Theoretical Framework – Ganesh Prasad Panda and Roji Kanungo
46. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Evolution of Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) – Himanshu Sekhar Nayak
47. Managing Faculty Talent in Professional Institutions of Learning – Dr. Jyoti Ranajn Mohanty
48. Mobile Commerce: A Critical Analysis – Jibitesh Mishra
49. CRM: A Modem Approach for Competitive Advantage – Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Pati and Prof. Monalisa Chatterjee
50. Talent Management Strategies in Indian Industries: The Way of HR for Corporate Sustainability – Dr. K. Palani
51. Analysis of Enablers of Sustainable Supply Chain Management of Indian Thermal Power Plants – Jitendra Narayan Biswal, Kamalakanta Muduli and Suchismita Satapathy
52. Bottom-of Pyramid Marketing: The Panacea for Marketers in Rural India – Dr. Kisholoy Roy
53. Emerging Employee Training and Development Systems in Power Sector Industries in Odisha: A Corporate Mantra for 21st Century – Lambodar Pradhan and Dr. K Palani
54. E-marketing: Searching, Shopping and Connecting – Dr. M.C. Tripathy
55. Management of Land in Indian States – M. Chakraborty
56. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Indian State of “Odisha” – Madhuchhanda Behera, Siddhartha Sankar Dash and Ayasa Kant Mohanty
57.Impact of Employee Cadre on their Attitude: A Comparative Study between Manufacturing and Service Organisations – Madhusmita Dash
58. Prediction of Earning Behaviour from Financial Reporting: A Case Study of Reliance Communication – Dr. Tushar Kant Pany and Malaya Ranjan Mohapatra
59. Cloud Computing in Healthcare Delivery: Issues and Challenges – Dr. Manoranjan Dash and Narayan Ranjan Chakraborty
60. Trade Union Leadership: A Study in Odisha – Minati Das and Dr. Madhuchhanda Mohanty
61. Factors Defining Stress and its Management in Water Resources Department: An Empirical Study – Mr. Ashok Kumar Mishra
62. Factors Defming Investors’ Perception towards Equity and Mutual Funds: An Empirical Investigation – Mrs. Krishna Kavitha Acharya
63. Role of Foreign Direct Investment (HA) in India – Dr. Namrata Goyal
64. An Analysis of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Study in Odisha – Dr. Nargis Begum and Dr. Bimal Kumar Choudhury
65. The Impact of Organisational Culture on Managing Talents in Organisations – Nazneen Begum and Ayasa Kanta Mohanty
66. Sustainable Waste Management in Hospitality Management – Neelima Gaur
67. The Role of Capital Market in Indian Financial System – Nihar Ranjan Swain and Dr. Prasanna Kumar Das
68. Service Quality of Nationalized Banks: A SERVQUAL Approach – Dr. Pallabi Mishra
69. Compensation Management in Indian Industries: The Role of Human Resource – A Paradigm Shift for Organizational Survivability – Parshuram Manda and Dr. K Palani
70. Mahatma Gandhi – A Leader in Action – Parthasarathi Pattnayak and Sanghamitra Pattnaik
71. Empowering Women Entrepreneurs – The Role of Banks – T. Sridevi and Pragyan Parimita Sarangi
72. Corporate Social Responsibility – Beyond Statutory Obligation – Ms. Preeti S. Desai, Students: Sonal Jain, Shweta Khyadi, Poornima Sugate, Priyanka Hiremath, Smitha Kabadgi
73. Thinking beyond CRM through Adaptive Marketing – Prof. Subrat Swain
74. Factors Influencing to Select Mutual Fund as Systematic Investodent Plan: Modelling Approach – Rajesh Trivedi
75. Emerging Dimensions of E-commerce: A Case Study on the Students of Utkal University – Ranjeeta Nayak
76. Profitability Analysis of Regional Rural Bank: The Effect of Amalgamation – Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjita Nayak
77. MAC Protocol for Collision Avoidance in Underwater Sensor Networks – Dr. Rasmi Ranjan Patra
78. HR Quality Enhancements by Using ERP Self-service Module: A Study of OMC – Ratikanta Biswal and Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Satapathy
79. Attaining Customer Loyalty through Customer Relationship Marketing – An Assessment from Indian Mobile Telecommunication Industry. Sabyasachi Dey and Dr. Sathya Swaroop Debasish
80. Police and Unrestricted Meddling on Decision Making – Dr. S.K. Nagarajan
81. Leadership Sahansha Hayat Ali Khan
82. Logistics in E-retailing: A Case Study on Flipkart – Sakti Ranjan Dash and Jagan Kumar Sur
83. Talent Management in 21st Century: Issues and Challenges – Samriddha Chatterjie and Dr. Dolly Dolai
84. Impact of Accounting Information on Stock Price: A Study of Indian Banking Sector – Sangram Keshari Panda
85. Customers’ Perception of LIC Products: A Study on Balasore District of Odisha – Sanjeeb Kumar Dey
86. Evangelism Marketing Dr. Sanjit Kumar Dash
87. Corporate Restructuring and Firm Performance – Santanu Kumar Rath
88. Challenges for HRM to Build Skill Based Talent Management in the Modem Business EnvironmentMr. Shyamasundar Tripathy
89. Value Chain Management in High Value Agri-commodities for Small Holding Fanners in India – Dr. Samarendra Mahapatra
90. Neuromarketing: The Art and Science of Appealing to Customer Neurons – Sourabh Bhattacharya and Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra
91. Customer Relationship Management in Store Based Retailing – Benefits and Challenges – Subhasish Das
92. Enablers of Health Care Waste Management: A Review of Literature – Suchimsita Swain, Kamalakanta Muduli and Tushar Kanti Panda
93. CSR – New Heights of Initiative – Mr. Sudam Charan Basa and Dr. Madhuchhanda Mohanty
94. Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Marketing: A Case Study of Personalized Medicine – Jyotiranjan Das and Sudhanshu Sekhar Rout
95. Venture Capital in India: A Perfect Approach for an Entrepreneur – Sudhansu Sekhar Nanda
96. Challenges and Opportunities of Green Accounting in Indian Companies – Ms. Sushree Sandipta Rout and Ms. Puja Mohanty
97. Assessment of Behavioural Competency of Executives in Power Sector – Swetalina Mishra
98. Retail Marketing in India: An Introspection – Dr. Tushar Kanta Pany
99. Effect of Sales Promotion on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Purchasing White Goods – Dr. Uma Sankar Mishra
100. Farmers’ Perception and Awareness about Crop Insurance in Odisha: A Case Study of Keonjhar District – Yayati Nayak
101. Banking in India – Present Status and Preparedness for Challenge under the Era of Globalization – Dr. Yogendra Nath Mann and Mr. Kavindra Nath Mann


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