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Java EE: from trainee to trained


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The JAVA EE: from trainee to trained covers the most advanced Enterprise Java topics such as Servlet, JSP, JSP, Hibernating, EJB, RMI, JNDI and Design patterns in easy and clear discussion with full depth, where not a single topic is left for sure.

This book covers the syllabus of B.E., M.E. and M.C.A. of various Indian universities. It will help the students and trainers to get the exact solution for each examination question.

Finally, at the end, this book contains Four Sample Java projects that will help the students to understand the real-time relevance of these contents.

Key Features

• Fully explains the complete Java EE syllabus with great depth
• Easy and Understandable language
• Distributed into five sections for reader`s ease
• Includes tutorials for NetBeans IDE with step by step instructions and screenshots
• Also includes detailed explanation on creating basic client side GUI applications
• Discusses the advanced Java EE topics such as JSF, Hibernating, EJB, RMI, JNDI and Design patterns.
• Includes a brief discussion on J2ME
• Includes four sample Java projects


Contents :

Part I : Java History
1. The Roots of Java
2. Outlines of Java
Part II : Java EE Overview
3. Introduction to J2EE
4. Working With Java NetBeans IDE
Part III : Creating GUI Applications
5. Applet & GUI Programming
6. Swings
7. Event Handling
8. Database Connectivity using JDBC
9. Networking and Socket Programming
Part IV : Server Side Development Using JAVA EE
10. servlet
11. Cookies
12. Session
13. JSP
14. Struts
15. Enterprise JavaBeans
16. Hibernating
17. Client Server Technology & Web Services
18. Java Server Faces
19. Java RMI
Part V : Surplus to Java EE
20. Java Collections Framework
21. Java Naming and Directory Interface
22. Java Security
23. Java Design Patterns
Part VI : Farewell
24. Concise Talk on J2ME
25. Sample Projects


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