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Managerial Economics (1st Year BBA, NEP, Kurukshetra Univ)


Managerial Economics provides a detailed introduction of economic concepts to the management students. The book provides a basic understanding of microeconomic principles. The focus of the book is to make students understand and apply the principles to real-world problems. The chapter consists of Keywords with definitions for a quick overview of the concepts. The chapter includes footnotes emphasizing important facts about the origin/role etc of the principles and theories. The book is based on bloom taxonomy levels. Students can analyse the economic problems at the micro level and can apply the theories for solving problems. The chapter includes the real projects / activities / assignments for students and teachers by highlighting practical implications. It covers the Nature and Scope of Microeconomics & Managerial Economics. The book highlights the application of Basic Concept of Economics and Objective of Business Firm. The book aims to teach Consumer Equilibrium, Utility Analysis, Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand. It also includes Production function, Cost curve and Revenue function to develop the analytical skills of students. The theory and practical examples of various markets such as Perfect competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competitive Market, Oligopoly will provide a deep understanding for solving day to day business problems.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Economics and Problems
2. Managerial Economics – Nature and Scope
3. Basic Concept of Economics and Objectives of a Firm
4. Utility Analysis
5. Law of Demand
6. Elasticity of Demand
7. Production Function
8. Law of Production
9. Cost Function
10. Revenue Function
11. Perfect Competition
12. Non-competitive Market



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Preeti Dahiya,

Rohit Garg,

Sangeeta Chaudhary


Himalaya pub


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