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New Paradigms in Business Management


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Business Management is a dynamically changing subject. The World is constantly going through its ups and downs, globalization of trade recession in the European countries. Coupled with this, the new generation has a different buying / spending patterns.

Business managers have to constantly keep on adjusting to these changes. This book is a collection of papers from experts across India. This touches upon major issues in different streams of a business and tries to suggest solutions for the same.

Contents :

1. Marketing Management
1. A Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour of Customers of Organised Multi-Brand Retail in Sangli City
– Anuradha Gaikwad
2. Challenges of Branding in Higher Education
– R.G. Sawant
3. Kirloskar Sump Pump: A Leading Player in World of Pumps
– S.L. Nalawade
4. Retailing in 21st century: The Era of Changes
– Sameer Vaman Deshpande
5. Rural Distribution Strategy
– Sandeep M. Debaje
6. Challenges and Opportunities before cooperative Retailing: In Liberalized Era
– Seema S. Desai
7. “A Study of Challenges of Brand Management” with Reference to Dandekar and Company, Sangli
– Mitali M. Bansode
8. Experiential Marketing-A Success Mantra
– Prajakta S. Kalamkar, Dr. S.G. Vibhute
9. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) with Special Reference to Shiroli, Kolhapur-An Empirical Study
– Prof. Shabana A. Memon, Dr. A.B. Arekar, Prof. A.A. Basade
10. Competitive Strategies for a Late Entrant in an Overcrowded Market-A Yes Bank Case Analysis
– Abhijeet A. Saymote
11. The Prospect of Interactive Retailing
– Asawari Arvind Kadam
12. Changing Paradigm in Retailing in India-Opportunities Galore!
– Dr. Abid Yunus Salati
13. Foreign Direct Investment Policy in Retail in India: An Eventful year for Retail
– Prof. Dr. Giri Yogeshwari L.
2. Finance Management
14. Portfolio Management at Micro Level
– S. S. Suryavanshi, Prof. (Dr.) V.B. Kakade, Dr. R.S. Solunke
15. Challenges before Indian Economy
– Deep Kantilal Thakkar
16. Developments in Indian Banking Services
-Vidhya S. Tejam
17. E-Finance for Corporate-An Innovative Approach
– Prof. Mrs. Manisha V. Jagtap
18. Issues in Mergers and Acquisition – Preeti A. Kulkarni
19. A Comparative Study of Financial Performance of Sugar Factories in Davangere District of Karnataka State
– Dr. P.B. Patil
20. Evolution of Banking Industry in India
-Mrugank Patil
21. Volatility in Foreign Exchange Market: Strategic Implications (Risk Management)
-Arjun N. Patil
3. Human Resource Management
22. Employee Grievances Handling in Sound Castings Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur
-Dr. C.S. Kale, Neelam Mohan Mane
23. Enhancing the Skills of Employee by On-the-Job Training with special Reference to Manufacturing Industries
-Jyoti Sanjay Yadav
24. Emerging Trends, Challenges and Changing Roles in Human Resource Management in the 21st Century
-Nitin Ravindra Shedge, Yogesh A. Mohire
25. Strategy for Organizing Change
-Rajan padval
26. Human Capital Management: A Subordinate Framework to Human Resource Management
-Satyjit D. Ingawale, Aditi V. Aljapurkar
27. Green HR: The New Paradigm for Business Excellence
-Aditi V. Alajapurkar, Ekta Singh
28. Protecting Citizen Employees from Employer Retaliation: A Comparative Analysis
-Shekhar S. Gangadhar
4. IT and Systems Management
29. Challenges and Innovations of E-Learning
-V.I. Pujari, S.L. Nalawade
30. Grid Computing and Cloud Computing: Comparative Study and challenges
-Prof. Mukund A. Kulkarni, Dr. Kamal M. Alaskar
31. Current Trends of ICT: Empowering the Small-Scale Firms and Farmers
-Dr. Manik S. Kadam, Prof. Avinash A. Ghuge
32. Role of E-Learning through ICT for Professional Education in India
-Ingale Sanjaykumar Mahadeo, Dr. Venkatesh A. Raikar, Dr. Vilas V. Karjinni
33. Use of Information Communication Technology for Education: E-Learning-An Effective Tool Mugdha
– M. Joshi, Purushottam A. Petare
5. Production Management
34. Application of Value Stream Mapping Tool for Process Improvement: A Case Study in Foundry
-Girish C. Pude, Prof. G.R. Nail
35. Opportunities for SME World in Manufacturing Sector with Special Reference to Solar Energy in India
-Archana Patil
36. Productivity Improvement by Application of Theory of Constraint
-Shamuvel V. Pandit, Prof. G.R. Naik
37. Mix Model Assembly Line in Auto Industries
-Pratik Patel, P.R. Vaidya
38. Recent Success of PPP Equity Participation in International Aviation Projects
-Dr. Vilas V. Karjinni, Nitish M. Patil
6. Agri Business Management
39. Agro-Tourism: Future Avenues and Prospectus in India
-Priya Nanasaheb Patil, Santosh Abaso Kadam
40. An Analysis of Critical Dairy Operations Related Management Factors and Its Impact on Dairy Processing Plant Performance
-Prof Ravindra B. Gawali, Prof. D.A. Deshpande, Prof. Nitin S. Bhand
41. FDI in Indian Retail Sector: Analysis of Competition in Agri-food Sector
– Ajay Razdan


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