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Non-Chordata – I


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The present title “Non-Chordata – I” is an indispensable text meeting complete requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Zoology. It has been designed to approach the morphology, anatomy, physiology and development of selected types in a very simple and lucid style. Accourding to the scheme of treatment, the important animal types of each phylum have been dealt with first, and efforts have been made to present their elaborate and up-to-date account. In the description of anumal types, special emphasis has been laid on the functioning of organs. General characters and classification and brief description of other important types of the phylum have also been dealt with complete authentic and up-to-date account. Adaptations of animal type have also been discussed in detail to reveal their relation with the environment.


Contents –

Unit I – Protozoa
1. Characters and Classification of Protozoa
2. Feeding and Nutrition
3. Locomotion in Protozoa
4. Reproduction in Protozoa
5. Economic Importance of Protozoa
Unit II – Porifera
6. Characters and Classification of Porifera
7. Histology of Sponges
8. Canal System in Sponges
9. Skeleton in Sponges
10. Reproduction in Sponges
Unit III – Metazoa
11. Phylum Mesozoa
12. Metazoan Ancestry
Unit IV – Coelenterata
13. Characters and Classification of Coelenterata
14. Polymorphism
15. Aurelia
16. Coral and Coral Reefs
17. Economic Importance of Coelenterata
18. Characters and Classification of Ctenophora
Unit V – Platyhelminthes
19. Characters and Classification of Helminthes
20. Dugesia (Planaria)
Unit VI – Nematoda
21. Characters and Classification of Annelida
23. Nereis
24. Hirudinaria Granulosa
25. Role of Earthworm in Soil Fertility
26. Coelom in Annelida
27. Segmentation in Annelida
Unit VIII – Parasitology
28. Entamoeba Histolytica
29. Trypanosoma
30. Plasmodium (Malaria Parasite)
31. Fasciola Hepatica
32. Schistosoma
33. Taenia Solium
34. Parasitism and Parasitic Adaptations
35. Enterobius Vermicularis
36. Wuchereria (=Filaria) Bancrofti
37. Ascaris Lumbricoides
38. Parasitic Adaptations of Leeches
Unit IX – Ecological Adaptation and Diversity
39. Ecological Adaptation and Diversity
Unit X – Practical
40. Protozoa
41. Porifera
42. Coelenterata
43. Helminthies
44. Annelida


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