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Objective Cytology And Genetics- A Competitive Approach


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The book offers an additional reading material for candidates appearing for various competitive examinations like ICAR-NET, SRF, UGC-CSIR NET, GATE, SLET, IIT-JAM, DBT JRG, M.Sc. entrance exams and other Public Service Commission Examinations. Objective Cytology and Genetics include all the promising array of questions that will test the acquired knowledge of students prior to face above cited examinations. The main intention is to compile multiple choice based questions for students so as to help them in revising their course, in consolidated form and add an additional knowledge with logical skills . This book offers in depth and updated concepts and application based questions to increase the understanding of the subject. The book is aligned in four major units, viz.., Classical genetics, cytogentics, Molecular Genetics and Human Genetics. There are 20 chapters having more than 2000 multiple choice based questions. To make it handier for students, answers are provided at the end of each chapter of Book.


Contents –

1. Mendel and his Laws of Inheritance
2. Linkage and Crossing Over
3. Sex Determination and Sex-Linked Inheritance
4. Chromosome Behaviour
5. Numerical and Structural Chromosomal Aberrations
6. Karyotype and Chromosome Banding
7. Mutations and Rpair Mechanisms
8. Genetic Material
9. Organization of Genome
10. DNA Replication
11. Transcription
12. Translation
13. Protein Sorting
14. Regulation of Gene Expression
15. Genetics of Development in Animals
16. Population Genetics
17. Genetic Disorders and their Inheritance
18. Immunogenetics
19. Genetics of Cancer
20. Genetics and Biotechnology


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Varsha S. Dhoran,

Vishal P. Deshmukh,

Vivek R. Narkhedkar


Himalaya pub