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Objective Mathematics for Competitive Exams


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This book has the following qualities which help in achieving SUCEESS in COMPETITIVE EXAMS.

  1. Starts from very basics(which many students have forgotten or are not clear about).
  2. Builds up step by step from basics to higher level questions.
  3. Easy to understand as book “TALKS TO YOU”, as if you are sitting in Prof.Gupta’s Class.
  4. Many books give unnecessarily too many formulae which are not possible to remember. In this book the formulae given are useful over many problems.
  5. “Maths by reasoning & common sense” is the motto of this book. Hence anyone even if he/she is out of touch with Maths for pretty long time can pick up Maths very fast.
  6. The problems have been handpicked from many Entrance/Recruitment Exams and are those where the students make mistakes.
Book Content of Objective Mathematics for Competitive Exams
  1. Short-Cuts
  2. Know Your Number System
  3. Time and Work
  4. Average, Mean or Arithmetic mean
  5. Percentage
  6. Ratio, Promotion and Variation
  7. Mixtures and Rule of Alligation
  8. Profit and Loss
  9. Simple and Compound Interest
  10. Mensuration – Area and Volume
  11. Data Interpretation
  12. Clocks and Calendar
  13. True Discount
  14. Stocks and Shares
  15. Time and Distance / Speed
  16. Mini Test -1
  17. Mini Test -2
  18. Mini Test -3
  19. Mini Test -4
  20. Mini Test -5


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