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Organotransition Metal Chemistry


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This book is written according to UGC Curriculum of M.Sc. (Final Year) Chemistry. This text will also be useful to research workers in allied fields who want to become acquainted with the subject. The candidates appearing at NET, GATE and Civil Services Examinations will also be highly benefitted by this book.

This text covers the various concepts from bonding to catalysis. This covers the most important developments in organotransition metal chemistry over the last 20 years while retaining the basic concepts and older work. This textbooks is especially suited for the advanced undergraduate or graduate student in chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology. This text consists of new or thoroughly updated and restructured chapters and provides an in-depth view into mechanism, reactions scope, and applications. Organotransition metal chemistry from bonding to catalysis provides selective, but thorough and authoritative coverage of the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry, the elementary reactions of these complexes, and many catalytic processes occurring through organometallic intermediates.

Book Content of Organotransition Metal Chemistry
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Ligands
Chapter 3 : Cyclopentadienyl Complex
Chapter 4 : Alkyls and Aryls of Transition Metals
Chapter 5 : Compounds having Transition Metal-Carbon Multiple Bonds
Chapter 6 : Transition Metal π-Complexes
Chapter 7 : Transition Metal Compounds with Bond to Hydrogen
Chapter 8 : Homogeneous Catalysis
Chapter 9 : Fischer Carbene Complexes
Chapter 10 : Oxidative Coupling and Reductive Elimination
Chapter 11 : Oxidative Addition
Chapter 12 : Migratory Insertion Reactions
Chapter 13 : Coupling Reactions
Chapter 14 : Reaction of Organometallic Compounds
Chapter 15 : Fluxionality
Chapter 16 : Fluxional Organometallic Compounds

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