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Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Inorganic Vol I


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The text “Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Inorganic, Vol I” has been revised according to the revised syllabus framed by the Pharmacy council of India. In this book, subject matter has been reorganised incorporating applicationwise classification (Therapeutic, pharmaceutical etc) rather than the traditional chemical classification. More emphasis has been further laid by explaining the medical and pharmaceutical terms and to what extent it is justifiable to classify a compound under any of the categories. Inevitably, students will find repetition for some compounds which find more than one application.

There are many important official and non-official inorganic pharmaceuticals (e.g., lithium carbonate, cis-platin, water, etc., on whom the latest edition of India Pharmacopoeia does not spell out. However, these have been described in this book to the same extent as others.

Every inorganic compound included in this book has been discussed under definition, preparation, properties, identification, tests for purity, assay method, storage condition and uses. Further, this book includes general treatment of topics such as impurities in pharmaceutical substances and their limit tests, principles and techniques of volumetric and gravimetric analysis, radioisotopes in pharmacy, pharmaceutical aids and necessities.

Contents :

1. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2. Errors in Analysis
3. Quality Control in Pharmacy
4. Impurities in Pharmaceutical Substances and their Limit Tests
5. Quantitative Analysis (Volumetric and Gravimetric Analysis)
6. Acids, Bases and Buffers
7. Antioxidants
8. Gastrointestinal Agents
9. Topical Agents
10. Dental Products
11. Inhalants
12. Expectorants, Emetics and Respiratory Stimulants
13. Major Intra and Extracellular Electrolytes
14. Official Compounds of Iron
15. Official Compounds of Iodine
16. Official Compounds of Calcium
17. Radioisotopes in Pharmacy (Radiopharmaceuticals) and Contrast Media
18. Antidotes in Poisoning
19. Miscellaneous Medicinal Agents
20. Pharmaceutical Aids
21. Aurothiomalate
22. Lithium Compounds
23. Essential and Trace Elements
24. Complexing and Chelating Agents used in Therapy
25. Sclerosing Agents
26. Analgesics
27. Vitamins
28. Identification Tests for Ions and Radicals




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