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Pratibhashali (The Talented)


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What can you do if you are considered intellectually inferior, simply because you have inherited your exceptional physique from a Rugby superstar? What can you do if the education system in your country does not endorse your intelligence the way it should? What happens if your love for meat is mocked at and consequently strict vegetarians label you insensitive and barbaric?

Kailash, a part Maori and Indian boy is facing these challenges while seeking an admission in a unique school. Moreover, his spirits are dragged down by alleged sexual misconduct of his father with an underage girl. That allegation leads to painful separation of Kailash from his father.

`Pratibhashali`, the school in Madhupur, India, is unique in many ways.

This school is founded and funded by a billionaire called Ishwarlal Chheda, or better known as I.C. sir. He is an entrepreneur whose empire thrives only on cutting edge science. Partly to feed manpower for his business empire and partly to revive the passion of the great scientists like Edison of yesteryear; I.C. pours enormous amount in this project. The school provides high quality, advanced education free; gives all the resources necessary for the research a student wants to pursue plus ensures a lifelong guarantee of a career with very handsome remuneration. The area of research has to be the student`s genuine, unwavering passion. I.C. is able to attract talented students who have passion to decode all kinds of mysteries or find solutions for a variety of problems ranging from Astrology, evolution of animals to building a food forest. It is quickly realized that genuinely painstaking work in science needs a high spiritual quotient. I.C. is lucky to have Bharati as a teacher who trains students to mould their minds.

`Pratibhashi − the Talented` is a saga of Kailash`s struggle − first to establish himself in the school and then fight the enemies of the school. His struggle in the end becomes life threatening when he faces thousands of fierce, rabid dogs; charged to their primal level and thirsty for blood. Be ready for Goosebumps!

`Pratibhashli` is a `must read` for all those with a curious mind. Your intellect will nourish on the issues raised here; Misplaced violence, Spirituality versus Dogmatic religion, practical `can do` attitude versus bookish learning − just to name a few. It will grace your coffee table, proclaiming your intelligence and broad mindedness. When it will peep out of bookshelves, it will attract the attention of the young adults, giving them wholesome entertainment and a valuable source to complete assignments.

Contents :

1. Madhupur
2. Admission Challenge
3. Hostel
4. Misjudged or What?
5. Ray of Hope in Survey
6. Sweat and Sand, Toiling in the Land
7. Himmatrao
8. Work Like a Horse, Eat Like a Mughal Emperor
9. Kailash… Will he or Won`t he?
10. Trip to Nathdwara
11. Challenges − from Outside
12. Bunglow of Himmat and Saibai
13. In the School
14. Lakhan and his Ragi…
15. Police in Pratibhashali
16. Rise of the Temple
17. Kailash − Realization at Last
18. Progress Overall..
19. Saurabh`s Accident
20. Saurabh`s Sickness
21. Ishwarlal`s Health
22. Himmat Exposed
23. Abdul and Anwar
24. What Next..
25. Honour from Villagers
26. Clues and Direction
27. Meeting with Police Commissioner
28. Arriving in Mumbai
29. The Final Battle


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