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Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations


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The work of giving an introduction to this effort of bringing a marvel in the form of book is come up keeping in mind the selective approach of students and those who many are involved into the tangible and intangible understanding of the subject (Quantitative Aptitude).

The idea come and crop up to bring this master piece in the form of text book only for those thousands of students who are in search of their desired objective and career in the field Quantitative Aptitude. The aim of this work is to provide a textbook distinctly covering the basics intricacies of the topics laid down into the content of this book.

While preparing for different kind of competitive examinations pertaining to the subject relevance adequate and legible study material is required which may give elaborate idea about the topic in short period of time. An attempt is being made to bring this all requirements of the reader at one platform at the same time in form of this book. This book provides the extensive material in the form of around thousand objective type questions for the aspirants of various Competitive examinations.

Also an attempt has been made to cover wide spectrum of contents with illustrations’ and associated objective type questions followed by their answers. Each section of chapter begins with basic concepts and culminated with check your progress.

In preparing this edition, a sincere effort has been made towards the clarity in explanation and legibility of the words. Keeping in view the extensive practice to answer objective questions large number of associated objective type questions on respective topics is incorporated.


Contents –

1. Number System & Fundamentals
2. Series Completion
3. Directions
4. HCF & LCM
5. Surds and Indices
6. Average
7. Percentages
8. Profit Loss and Discount
9. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
10. Partnership
11. Stocks and Shares
12. Time and Work
13. Time and Distance
14. Boats and Streams
15. Pipes and Cisterns
16. Allegation and Mixture
17. Problems on Ages
18. Clocks
19. Calender : Days and Dates
20. Ratio Proportion and Variation
21. Probability
22. Vedic Mathematics


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Mr. Nilesh S. Ugemuge,

Rajiv A. Charde


Himalaya pub