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Quizzing on Banking and Finance


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The book is a result of an elaborate and painstaking research of financial history and contemporary developments in the world of banking and finance. Through the medium of a quiz book, questions have been designed to arouse curiosity in the minds of the reader to check their awareness levels and simultaneously kindle their interest to know more. Inquisitiveness stimulates the mind and pushes the individual to learn more.

Apart from its intrinsic worth as a knowledge stimulus, the coverage of the book is across the financial history of the world with an obvious bias towards India. The questions relate to interesting facts/particulars about a gamut of issues from the field of banking, insurance, capital markets including mutual funds and non banking financial institutions. Quizzes have also been framed concerning personalities, financial products, services, landmark events, scams and scandals etc., with the intention to engage the reader in an absorbing exposure to the world of finance. The quizzing is primarily in the direct interrogation form with multiple choice format also being a part of the presentation.

Quizzing is an extremely engaging activity among all age groups and across sections of society who value information and knowledge. It gives immense pride and satisfaction to those who crack quiz competitions as it reflects their superior educational and intelligence quotient.

Quiz competitions are extremely popular in schools and colleges at most places. Even corporates organize quiz contests within the industry and outside as it stimulates mental activity and hones the skill levels. The interest is multiplying as success is being suitably rewarded.

This quiz book on the fascinating endeavors of humans in the banking and financial sector is an attempt to reach this vast and enterprising constituency of quizzers.

Contents :

1. Financial History − India
2. Financial History − International
3. Money, Finance and Banking-I
4. Money, Finance and Banking-II
5. Capital Markets
6. Institutions: Character and Features
7. Currencies, Coins and History
8. Finance, Accounts and Practices
9. Personalities and Happenings
10. Contemporary and Sundry Issues


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Gautam Majumdar


Himalaya pub